I more or less just stuck this back up so I could go through my archives easier. I'll still be posting things here.

Although I have to say, it looks like Blogger has made a lot of improvements since I left.


Well, I'm not sure what's going to be happening here. I'm running two blogs right now, this one and one on Xanga. The 2 main things that's been keeping this one up is that you have to be a member to comment on xanga, which I don't think anyone that regularly reads this is, and because of the Dalton connection it holds. But with Tiff's blog down, Abe saying his will be going soon, and Chuck and Aaron rarely ever updating, I might give this one up. There's so much more that can be done with Xanga and about 10-15% of Naz students are on there. So I don't know, I'll keep you posted. As for now, you can check out my Xanga site and see what you think. Actually, a lot of recent posts will be doubled.


Great Day
Well, I've been feeling stressed lately so today I did something I haven't done in a very, very long time. I let myself spend money rather freely. After I checked out where the place I am interviewing on Wed. is, Alexis and I headed to Easton. I bought a spring jacket, which was the only thing I had planned on buying, a cool picture frame at target, a set of books and tapes on how to speak German, and the newest Hoobastank CD at Best Buy. We also had dinner at Chipotle which was pretty good, and of course dessert at Maggie Moos (their new Expresso Bean ice cream with brownie mix in, yum). Overall it was a great day that I really needed.
Money doesn't buy happiness, but it's nice to treat yourself every now and then.

PS - Happy Birthday, Tara! It's once again that 24-day stretch when you're older then I am. :-)


Ugh. Been rather busy lately, with it being a newspaper layout weekend. I really don't know how people can have careers that only consist of sitting in front of a computer screen. My eyes are killing me and I've only been here 4 or 5 hours and that's a short day of layout.
I was looking at my calendar and I don't have a free weekend until May, and even then I only have one or two. Not cool.
Wednesday is my internship interview for the place I really want to work this summer. So if you're the praying type, I'd appreciate some.


Story time
While in Frankfurt, Germany we passed out almost 20,000 invitations for and then gave a concert on Saturday night. Those 20,000 invitations were passed out in a span of 3 days, Tuesday through Thursday. Monday we went to Eisenach, which is in East Germany, to visit Wartburg, which is the castle where Martin Luther hid out to translate the New Testament into German. We basically saw the entire city, had a great service and really enjoyed ourselves. I got to know a few very cool people really well, and some people better then I care to. But that's the way things like this go. God answered so many prayers during the trip I lost count. The place we stayed was really nice, the church was awesome, I really don't have any bad things to say about the trip. Great times.


Home at Last
I'm back safe and sound from Germany. The trip was awesome. I'll give more details later, I've been up for about 24 hours.


germany is goot.