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Story time
While in Frankfurt, Germany we passed out almost 20,000 invitations for and then gave a concert on Saturday night. Those 20,000 invitations were passed out in a span of 3 days, Tuesday through Thursday. Monday we went to Eisenach, which is in East Germany, to visit Wartburg, which is the castle where Martin Luther hid out to translate the New Testament into German. We basically saw the entire city, had a great service and really enjoyed ourselves. I got to know a few very cool people really well, and some people better then I care to. But that's the way things like this go. God answered so many prayers during the trip I lost count. The place we stayed was really nice, the church was awesome, I really don't have any bad things to say about the trip. Great times.


Home at Last
I'm back safe and sound from Germany. The trip was awesome. I'll give more details later, I've been up for about 24 hours.


germany is goot.


Leave of absence
Two hours until we leave for the airport. I'll be back on the 28th.


Well, next Friday is when we're scheduled to leave for Frankfurt, Germany. We haven't been told anything we're doing except that we'll have one tourist day which will include going into East Germany to the castle where John Wesley translated the New Testament. The whole trip is really exciting, I just hope the terrorist buttheads didn't mess it up with the Madrid bombing. Last year some of MVNU's trips got cancelled because of them, too.


I finally got something posted on Dave Barry's Blog. (And it's by Dave, not his new blogging accomplice, Judi) I guess sometimes you just have to sink down to the right level.


Ho Hum
I feel like I should post, since I've been absent since Monday, but there's really nothing to say. For the most part I've been non-stop busy, except for last night when I made my self take a break since I've been sick for about 2 weeks. But really nothing to say... I'm still alive, that's about it.


End of the Madness?
The good news is, my computer now works. The bad news is how it got to this point.
1) MVNU gets another worm (as mentioned before), asks everyone to install patch
2) Can't install patch because it required install of XP Service Pack 1 and my computer couldn't not freeze for long enough to install it
3) Decide to reinstall Windows
4) Can't find disk
5) Borrowed a friends which was already copied from someone else for a short term fix
6) Reinstall fixes freezing problem and CD Burner that hasn't worked for 6 months
7) Can't install Service Pack 1 because Microsoft recognizes XP as pirated
8) Drive home to find XP cd, can only find Vaio restore CDs
9) Must format to load restore CDs
10) Spend most of the evening starting all over
But my computer is working. So far. We'll see what tomorrow brings....