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Well, Dalton won again but the two hardest weeks are coming back to back. Ohio State has what could be thier two hardest, non-Michigan games coming up the next two weeks, too. Should be interesting.


Congrats to the Cubbies for finally reaching the playoffs.

Congrats (I guess) to Zwick for finally getting some OSU playing time. (I'm still not thrilled he shafted Orrville. Even though I don't really like Orrville. I just thought it was low.)


Happy Birthday, Abe!

I have Rent tickets!!!!!! Rent is coming to Columbus the first week of November and Alexis and I are going! Woo hoo!

(By the way, this used to be the post about Abe's birthday, but I didn't want to upstage it or bury it, so I changed this one and made a new one.)

What a bunch of bull. The Court wants to block the Do Not Call list? I say we all start calling the Court every hour and see if they try and block that.


Since it's almost the end of baseball season, I thought I'd bring back my April 9 post of baseball predictions:


AL East - Yankees
AL Central - Twins
AL West - A's
AL Wild Card - Angels
(Three out of four ain't bad)

NL East - Phillies
NL Central - Astros
NL West - Giants
NL Wild Card - Cards
(One out of four is...)

World Series - A's over Phillies (Still possible, go Philly)


AL Central-Twins
AL West-A's
Wild Card-Boston Redsox
(Four for four?!)

NL East- Mets
NL Central- Cards
NL West- Giants
NL Wild Card- Atlanta Braves
(One of four, not so good)

World Series: A's over Cubbies (His could be right if mine isn't)


East: Yankees
Central: Twins
West: A's
Wild: Angels
(Same 3/4 as me, guess this wasn't too hard)

East: Mets
Central: Cards
West: Giants
Wild: Diamondbacks
(1/4, same one as Abe and I, but maybe the worst 3 misses, he he)

World Series: No prediction


I saw on another blog a list they made by typing their name followed by is into Google. I thought it was pretty cool. So here is my list of the first 15 listings of what "Ross is" according to Google.

Ross is...
not playing around
onto something
the first Fame Academy loser
afraid to debate Russell Humphreys on neutral ground
Alumna of the Year
fired up
sooo strong
a college student
obviously the smartest friend
a journeyman painter

Interesting mix of answers there. Well, that was a good activity to keep me from reading my American Lit. I guess I should get to it now...


The game was awesome.

Up in the first row of the press box for quarters 1-3, on the field for the 4th. In the OSU interview room after the game.

Chris and I left at 9 am, got back at 6ish, then Alexis and I left for Easton about 10 minutes later and pulled back into school around 2 am. I spent 17 hours in, traveling to, or traveling from Columbus, so it was a long day. But from waking up to going to bed, it has to be one of the top 5 days of my life.

(I had put a pic up, but it was more than the size of a screen, so I'll try to get it smaller and put it up later)


Tomorrow's the game... I'm starting to get a little nervous.


I received this e-mail this morning:

Athletics Communications has received your request and we can approve one
media (press box) and one photo (sideline) credential for this Saturday's
Ohio State-Bowling Green football game. Game time is around 12:10 p.m.

D C Koehl
Ohio State Athletics Communications

I sent OSU an e-mail a few days ago and got this reply today. Needless to say, I'm pumped.

***Update: I talked to the head sports writer at our school. He said my pass should get me on the field after the game and in the interview room.


Yet another power outage in Mount Vernon today. It went off around 8:20 this morning when a crane fell on something important to the city's electricity. The campus didn't get power back until 3:10. My first class was cancelled, the second one was too, but for other reasons, and the third one I got to leave because I had to work on the paper. I thought I was going to be running around all over the place today but ended up with a nice, restful day full of free time. Not bad.

Wow... six and a half straight hours working on the paper today. There's still about three hours left to do tomorrow. This could be a long year.


Sonfest is today. I'm supposed to be doing an article for the paper and stuff but, of course, I'm sick. So we'll see what happens


Wow. I played tackle football for the first time today. I never realized just how physical it was. But It was a lot of fun. Especially when I "rocked" Chris (his word) on one of my screen catches. It was him or the sideline, he looked like more fun so I lowered my shoulder and went. I just need to learn how to tackle on defense.

PS - Comments are finally back


Went to the good ol' Wayne County Fair today. Saw Abe and Tiff (twice). Basically it was the same ol' Wayne County Fair.


I apolgize for my non-blogging this past week. I've been extremely busy yet haven't had much to write about.