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Well, the genius people that run the internet here at MVNU have decided that tomorrow morning they will shut down the network computer going to all the residence halls until everyone who has a computer installs the patch for the virus and signs a form saying they did so. So, knowing the time it takes to get something accomplished on this campus, there will probably be no updating here for awhile. Let's see... 2000 students using about 10 discs for a process that takes about 30 minutes... yeah.... see you in November.


Ugh, that worm or virus or whatever it is that shuts down computers showed up on my computer today. I ran the Windows Update as soon as I got to school a week ago, I've been told that is supposed to prevent it. Everything's been fine until a little bit ago it came up. Now what?

**Update - MVNU finally has a CD to install the patches and fixed. Everything is better now.


I forgot to add the part about the way we entertained ourselves. A few of us found a small branch that had fallen and we were putting it in the road and shining a flashlight on it and directing cars around it. We even got security to go around. Eventually that got old, so we started going and putting it on the sidewalks as people came towards us and then making them walk around us. It's pretty dumb, but it's one of those simple things in life that keeps a person going during the boring times.

We had a huge storm last night and lost power at about 7:30. We were in Walmart when it happened, there were so many trees and powerlines down it took us at least 30 minutes to get back to campus. It's usually a 5 minute drive. Pretty much the entire town and campus were without power, which is a bigger area than the blackout affected a few weeks ago. It was intersting having a campus completely without power for that long (it came back on around 5:30 this morning). Well, I'm realizing how bad my typing is. I just woke up and my brain isn't fully functioning. So, I will stop now.


This link about Hollister claiming they own the number 22 has been getting around and I had to put my two cents in. I think American Eagle should make a whole fall line with 21+1 and 23-1 on them.

That's what I would do.

Any by the way, Tiff owns the sequence of letters BGQQWR, so stay away from that, too.


Browns winning the Super Bowl? One sportswriter thinks so.

By the way, I never got time to make my own blog skin. Oh well.

Eww. (Warning: audio)

Well, I've been back at school for a few days now. The first issue of the paper isn't going as smoothly as I had hoped. One person hasn't gotten their articles in and another decided she doesn't want her job. It's frustrating, but I'm dealing with it.


Spent a wonderful day at Kelley's Island today. Great times with Alexis.

Tomorrow I finally leave Dalton and get back to MVNU. Finally.


The Browns chose Holcomb and the Tribe won.

This is the best day for Cleveland sports in a long, long time.


These are sweet. Too bad I've deleted most of my MP3s...


I just heard on the radio that one of the next things done with the construction of RT 77 around Canton will be to close the exit from 30 east to 77 for two years. That's really crappy.

I commented on Tom's site how I think Reebok blew it with there Terry Tate idea. Another shoe commercial I have a problem with is the Converse one. It has a ball bouncing and I guy rhyming in the background about how basketball used to be. They have it in an old gym and it's supposed to be all old school, but they forgot something. Something huge. They should have taken out the 3-point line. That would have been old school. Minor detail with big meaning (in my opinion). It ruins their old school credibility.


Going to the Kidron Fireman's BBQ for the first time tonight. Let the good times roll... maybe :-)

Update: Good food.


Went to Indiana for Alexis' cousin's wedding yesterday. That's one boring drive.


CHUCK! This lady is stealing you senior year art idea!!!


Sweet Sassy Molassy. In the words of Mya, This chair is like Woah.

Those of your computer literate people, check out the computer itself (at the bottom).


Kudos to Tiff on a great birthday present idea for Tom.


Here's a poll for you:

When you're putting on your shoes and you lift your right foot and pick up your left shoe, do you put down the shoe and pick up the right one, or switch feet?