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After a month or so of being sick and feeling cruddy, today made up for all of it. Even though it started out rather hectic, I ended up having a great birthday. Alexis sent me on a treasure hunt for my present, then we went to Jake's for supper, went shopping around Mt. Vernon (where I picked up the 1966 Batman Movie Special Edition DVD from the Walmart Bargin Bin), and then went to Bob Evans for Oreo Cake and ice cream. Then we came back and had a good laugh at the Whacks, Bams, Splooshes, and Bat Shark Repelant of The Batman Movie. I was kind of disappointed my get together with friends didn't work out, but that will happen Saturday. On the other hand I'm kind of glad it did get postponed because tonight was great as it was and I still have something to look forward to.


Yep, I'm 21 today. Nope, doesn't feel any different. At least I don't have to worry about getting carded for sparkling strawberry juice at Kroger anymore.

I have to say though, it is comforting to know that as of today I have worn approximately 5460 pairs of socks, and have owned approximately 630 pairs of socks. (Info care of: Sockman)


Got bored last night and went to the Ford dealership in town, I wanted to see what that $5 a day lease was all about. Turns out it's on base Rangers with no A/C, no carpet, basically just seats on wheels with a stick in the middle. I test drove a Ranger XLT and I really like the Ranger Edge and I found out the XLT (and maybe the edge, too) lease for only $219 a month for four years which is around what I decided I could afford when I was punching numbers for the Dakota. But after thinking about it and talking with my parents, I think I'm going to pass. I found out my Jeep doesn't have collison insurance, just the base stuff and it's a '95 so to go from that to a brand new truck would make my insurance sky rocket. Plus my parents won't let me sell the Jeep, they want to keep it, so I can't get any money from that. So I'm not sure what I'll do. I don't want another used car (unless it's really, really nice). So I guess I'll probably wait until after I graduate and hope the Jeep doesn't die in the process.

Well, the Tribe does it again. They said we'd get tickets of equal value to replace the ones from Opening Day. Well, they gave of tickets of equal location (at least I think it's equal, I haven't seen them to see if they're worse) and to make up the difference we got $10 of Fun Money for the Jake. At first I thought the Fun Money was an added bonus, but no such luck.


Well, it's pretty much official. I will be the editor of The Lakeholm Viewer, MVNU's newspaper next year. Sure, I was the only one to apply, but oh well. I'm still excited.


Abe had this up and I was bored. So I figured, why not?

I see: A computer screen with an increasing amount of words on it as I type
I need: umm... I dunno
I find: ok, maybe this was a bad idea
I want: this semester to be over
I have: pants on
I wish: i don't wish, I guess I say I do. but I don't really
I love: Alexis
I hate: Accounting
I miss: semesters without accounting
I fear: bears
I feel: tired
I hear: computers humming
I smell: with my nose
I crave: chocolate sounds good
I search: with Google
I wonder: wonder who badooby who, who wrote the book of love
I regret: some impulse buys

When was the last time you..
Smiled?: whilst shooting the our advertising commercial this afternoon
Laughed?: hard? after lunch today
Cried?: last night. I had a really bad day yesterday
Bought something?: We got dariette on monday, does that count?
Danced?: dunno
Were sarcastic?: when wasn't I sarcastic? (get it)
Kissed someone?: this afternoon sometime
Talked to an ex?: umm.... I haven't had an "ex" for a long time, so a long time ago
Watched your favorite movie?: I'm not sure what I would consider my favorite movie right now
Had a nightmare?: awhile

What was the ...
Last book you read?: I'm in the middle of The Firm right now. Don't know if I'll finish it
Last movie you saw?: The Firm
Last thing you had to drink?: chocolate milk
Last time you showered?: this morning, around 8:30
Last thing you ate?: Turkey sandwich, piece of pizza, salad, and choc. chip cookies for lunch

Do you..
Smoke?: nope
Do drugs?: advil, that's about it
Have sex?: nope
Sleep with stuffed animals?: no
Live in the moment?: I like to, but most of my friends don't, so most of the time I can't really
Have a boyfriend/girlfriend?: yes
Have a dream that keeps coming back?: not really
Play an instrument?: kinda/sorta three of them
Remember your first love?: yes
Still love him/her?: yes
Read the newspaper?: sometimes
Have any gay or lesbian friends?: well... he was a friend in high school, but haven't talked to him since, and I didn't know he was gay then... not that I hold it against him... I'm not really sure how to answer this question
Believe in miracles?: miracles of God
Believe its possible to remain faithful forever?: yes
Consider yourself tolerant of others?: I try my best
Consider love a mistake?: no
Like the taste of alcohol?: no, although I've only tasted a sip of champagne about 3 years ago. I've never had a desire to try anything else
Have a favorite candy?: probably M&M's
Believe in astrology?:no
Believe in magic?:no
Believe in God?: yes
Pray?: yes
Go to church?: yes
Have any secrets?: doesn't everyone?
Have any pets?: 3 at home, 1 at school
Go to or plan to go to college?: Go
Talk to strangers who instant message you?: rarely
Wear hats?: sometimes
Have any piercings?: not any more
Have any tattoos?: not any ever
Hate yourself?: no
Have an obsession?: not really
Collect anything?: not in particular
Have a best friend?: yes
Wish on stars?: no
Like your handwriting?: no
Have any bad habits?: doesn't everyone?
Care about looks?: I don't know
Believe in witches?: no
Believe in ghosts?: not really


If anyone is feeling generous, I started drooling over a 2001 Dodge Dakota Quad Cab at Kidron Kars tonight. I stopped to look at it on the way back to school... it's so nice. Fully loaded, under 20k, 4-wheel drive, dark red with grey on the bottom... oh.... it's so nice. But they want $18,000 for it and my Jeep's only worth $2300 for trade in so after playing with endless payment optiona I figured it would take me about 7 years to pay it off based on my current paychecks. So it ain't happening. But like I said, if anyone is feeling generous, my birthday is just around the corner ;-)

It did get me thinking though. My thoughts the last year have been on fixing up the Jeep, but I'm not sure if I want to do that. It's pushing 100k and I'm not sure how long it's going to last. I don't want to be stuck with nothing if it flat out dies (as a few of my friends have had the misfortune of lately), and I don't think I want to have to buy a car straight out of school. So I might put the Jeep up for sale (after summer, of course) and see what I can get for it. I'm hoping with Blue Book price plus the work I've already put into it will get me at least $5000 for it. Plus I might still do some stuff to fix it up a little this summer. We'll see.


Hope everyone had a good Easter weekend. Mine was busy. It was spent applying for jobs and visiting my Grandpa in the hospital.

Ok, now that you're done reading, go hold the button.


I found out that one of my friends from school's dad had a heart attack and passed away last night. They were from West Virginia and were in Millersburg sight seeing before taking Aaron home for the weekend. Please pray for the Gumm family. Thanks.

Oh my gosh! This could happen in Dalton!


I don't understand why people feel the need to create viruses. Where's the fun in trying to destroy other people's computers? Oh well. I guess it's just become an evil of life.

A big thanks to Aaron for helping me with this latest and several other computer problems.


Thanks to Dave Barry, I found out Christopher Guest, the man responsible for This is Spinal Tap, Waiting for Guffman, and Best in Show, has a new movie coming out tomorrow. A Mighty Wind is his newest mockumentary, this one about folk music. Judging by the trailor, the whole cast that was in the 2nd two movies is back for this one and it looks hysterical. Unfortunatly it only opens in select cities tomorrow and it doesn't say when it's opening nationwide.


Saw Head of State last night. It was good. Like Tiff said about Phone Booth. Not the best, not the worst. I'm always happy to see a movie that doesn't need crudeness and/or profanity to be funny. Chris Rock and Bernie Mac were funny as always, all the acting was pretty solid. There were some things that were kind of stupid, but oh well. Alexis didn't like the fact that it wasn't constitutionally correct. I.E. Rock's character runs for President but doesn't appear to be 35 and he has his brother as his running mate. But she still liked it overall. Anyways, if you just want to go and relax at the theater for awhile, this is a good one to go see.


I was on Sportscenter!

Ok, so my e-mail was. They had a list of the Top 10 power pitchers of all time and I e-mailed in a comment about it and they put it on the air. Of course, they called it DALton, Ohio. But oh well. I got to use of 5 seconds of my 15 minutes.

The whole e-mail was this:
"I was very glad Nolan Ryan was at the top of the list. I was at his last game at Cleveland Municipal Stadium and I regonized even then, in elementary school, how great he really was. In a sports world of "Who's Next?", no one will ever be as good as the Nolan Ryan Express"

They put on the last line.


Oh jeez... I was all excited that we could exchange our opening day tickets for another game, then today I read this:

"To thank and reward those Indians fans in attendance for Tuesday's Home Opener at Jacobs Field, the organization would like to invite you to attend another Tribe game courtesy of the Cleveland Indians.

Fans may exchange their used Opening Day paid ticket stub for a ticket to any game in April or May, subject to availability in select seating areas."

So we could have went to opening day AND got free tickets to another game!

That's frustrating.


Well, this blog won't be interesting to most who read, but it's just for the record so I can have it for proof come October. So without further delay, here are my picks for the 2003 Major League Baseball Season:

AL East - Yankees
AL Central - Twins
AL West - A's
AL Wild Card - Angels

NL East - Phillies
NL Central - Astros
NL West - Giants
NL Wild Card - Cards

World Series - A's over Phillies

(Yeah, it was late and I was tired. It's fixed now.)


I've reached a Mono milestone. My first day in about three weeks that I didn't have to take an afternoon nap. And I didn't get much sleep last night so this is a good sign.
My mom mailed my the results of the bloodwork I had done last weekend. Checkout these stats:

White blood cells: Supposed to be between 3.6-10.7; Mine were 26.2
Lymph %: Supposed to be between 1-4.3; Mine were 9.2
Lymph Reaction %: Supposed to be between 0.0-0.5; Mine were 10.0
Monos %: Supposed to be 0.0-0.8; Mine was 1.3

Yeah, I don't know what all that means, but I'm guessing I was pretty sick. I have to go get bloodwork done again this Saturday. Hopefully these numbers are down. I'll also be at the musical Friday night so if you're there, find me.


As Abe already pointed out, the Indians moved the home opener from tomorrow to Tuesday because Cleveland is scheduled for 3-6 inches of snow. Of course the one fun thing I could do in weeks is snowed out. At least they could have made it Tuesday night instead of 3 in the afternoon so people could go to it. Now I have the fun task of trying to get someone to but our tickets or go with me because Alexis has class on Tuesday.


Gosh, this really sucks. I normally don't like to whine and complain when I'm sick or injured, but I've never been through anything like this. I haven't been able to take naps since elementary school, but now I sleep every afternoon and evening. I'm still running a temp, too. I'm so sick of being in my room and by myself and I'm probably not even halfway done yet. I'm still going to brave going to the Indians home opener on Monday. Hopefully I won't bring pnemonia back with me...