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I have mono.


Well, I had 'Zona beating Maryland in the final, so my bracket is dead. My other two in the final four are Texas and Wake. So I only have one alive. Oh well.... I was winning after two rounds, at least.

Still running a temp and feeling crappy. Went back to the doc's this morning, he thinks it's a virus I'm just going to have to wait out. Looks like I'll be returning to school sick tomorrow.


Ross' spring break update: My temp went back over 100 this evening and I'm feeling worse. I might be going back to the doctor to get tested for strep and mono............. ARGH!

Oh yeah, I haven't mentioned I was sick LAST spring break, too. At least it isn't snowing this year.


Finally got to the doctor yesterday. Turns out my flu turned into a sinus infection. The saga continues...


Been home since Friday afternoon, been on the couch the entire time. I hate the flu.....


Was flipping channels this afternoon looking for something other than Target:Iraq and stumbled upon Julius Sumner Miller ("and physics is my business") on PBS. Wow... that brought back memories.

The media keeps calling it "The war with Iraq". Am I wrong in thinking it's not a war until Congress declares so? Has anyone heard Congress' stance on it? From my understanding, we're not at war, we're at "Conflict" or "Just blowing people up"

Correct me if I'm wrong.

PS- I'm still sick :-p


I said on Tuesday I was ready to get better. I had no idea what was to come. The last 20 minutes have been the longest I've been out of bed the last almost 24 hours. I have a majorly bad flu. It's kept me just sick enough I couldn't get stuff done to go home early for spring break. I hope I get over it fast. I was sick last spring break, too.......


Ok, I'm officially tired of being sick. I'm ready to be heathly now. Go away you cough/cold/flu/allergies/whatever you are.


Giving Saddam and his sons 48 hours to leave Iraq or face military action.... that's like telling a group of 8 year olds that they have two hours to clean their room or they have to eat a bunch of candy.

I'm 100% against any war to begin with. But even if I wasn't, I regonize this is just stupid. Over in the Middle East there's some intelligent people with some big weapons waiting for an excuse an excuse to bomb, poison, shoot, and beat the crap out of us free people. Guess what? We just gave them that excuse. The only "good" thing that could come out of this is it gets them to strike first giving other countries a reason to join our side. Other than that, I just don't get it.

I found it interesting that Bush said that the terrorists could kill thousands or hundred-of-thousands of innocent people here in the US. What right does that give our military to kill their innocent people just-in-case?

This is going to end up as another Vietnam. Neither the people of our country or England are really for it, and don't really support it. So it will be a bunch of soldiers sent over against their will and not really doing anything because they don't want to be there. All while the President of the US is trying to kill what he sees as his biggest threat. I thought history, if taught, isn't supposed to repeat itself? I see the same protests, the same death tolls, and the same failed mission on the way.


Four inches of snow or 70 degrees..... I love my Jeep.


mmmmmm.... sunshine........


I got this in a spam e-mail today. I found it quite humourous. What situation calls for a space blanket and a poncho? What is a "space" blanket anyways?
I'm glad to know they realize that no homeland survival & security kit is complete without duct tape.


Another ironic fact: I find it very ironic that playing 4 games of basketball over a three hour time period can make you feel so good, yet so bad at the same time.


I find it very ironic that to heal my elbow which I hurt falling on ice, I must put it on ice.

Fourteen of my friends and I went down to Columbus Friday for one of my friends 21st birthday. We went to Logan's Roadhouse in Easton. It's a pretty cool place. You get free peanuts and just throw the shells on the floor and stuff. The waitress couldn't believe it when she offered Grant (the birthday boy) a free drink and we had to explain to her that none of us drink. She just couldn't comprehend it. But she did give him free cheesecake instead.

In other news, I'm beging to be able to conceed that winter is never, ever going to end.


Found out today that Alexis' Uncle Wes has brain cancer.

Please pray for him and his family.



I usually like snow but this winter has been rediculous! It was finally mostly gone after the rain yesterday and now there's a couple inches again. I about screamed when I opened the door this morning. Of course being Ohio it's supposed to be 47 tomorrow after snowing today. So once again we'll be stuck with swamplike grass and flooded sidewalks. I've toyed with idea of moving to Cali after school. This winter is definatly making me consider that much, much more.

I'm sick. I'm tired. I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired.


As I was typing out the definitions of the words on my Advertising and Promotion study sheet, I tried to type out the word "opportunity". Instead "pooportunity" was left behind my cursor. I found it rather humorous. Of course, I have a cold and haven't slept a whole lot lately...

We are currently studying Mary Shelly's Frankenstein in my Film and Literature class. Today we got into some interesting discussions about cloning and the moral and ethical implications of it. I don't know if there is any issue as complicated and as many-sided as cloning.** There are so many angles to look at it and ways to back either argument. I've found that just being against it doesn't hold water. I need to have a solid argument which I'm not so sure I have any more. At least not one I'm comfortable with taking into a serious debate with a pro-cloning expert.

**Update: I guess abortion is around the same level.


Today I had cold pizza for breakfast.

I feel like an American.


Colds are not fun.....