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This story scares me.

Gays, lesbians, Hindu's, Buddhists, Atheists, beer commercials, whoever can say whatever they want about what they believe. But not Christians! We can't speak our minds. That's breaking the rules! How dare we push our beliefs on someone else? That is so wrong.... That last quote kills me. What does he want? A binge-drinking, pot-smoking, skinhead football player talking to his student body? Oh wait, let me guess. He just wants a "normal" person. Whatever that is.... ok... I'm done venting now. Have a good day.


I was so glad Norah Jones won just about every major award at the Grammys last night. (According to Dave Barry "I don't know how it ended, but when I fell asleep it was Nora Jones 48, Oakland 21."

Her CD is great from start to finish, not like the one-hit-wonder pop stars and shock artists. (Who may have more than one hit but they're all pretty much the same thing with a changes.)

A few other Grammy notes (from the 10 minutes I watched):

*Erykah Badu made a complete fool of herself (messing up her lines majorly, and reading "applause" on the telepromter out loud)

*N Sync doing a Bee Gees tribute? I didn't think they were together anymore? How long can a guy from Dalton be famous?


Dave Barry finds some strange stuff.

5 stars, 2 thumbs, whatever you prefer: The Life of David Gale is a great movie!!

It keeps you guessing until the last minute. Really, really a spectacular film. Kevin Spacey was awesome as always. I really, really recommend this movie.


Things are getting somewhat back in place. I'll work on some other stuff later.

It definitely needs some color. I'm thinking a picture but I'm not sure what of yet.

One of the problems with me having no HTML skills and using other people's Blog templates is that every now and then that template quits working. This was one of those times. So bear with me as I make all the necessary adjustments for this new skin.

It is getting closer.... Baseball season is on its way.

Yahoo! opened regestration for Fantasy Baseball today. I'm already signed up for my maximum four leagues and I can't wait for the draft.

I know most of my readers hate professional sports and I still maintain one of my faithful doesn't know anything about it, (just kidding buddy), but around these parts (being my apartment and other friends) it's an addiction.

Opening Day is on it's way... let the fun begin.


"Everybody was influenced in one way or another by Michael Jordan. He's the greatest of all-time in my book. I've never seen anything like him."
CARON BUTLER, Miami Heat forward

Happy 40th, MJ.

College snow days are cool!


Last night my neighbor thought it would be cool to take his his Toyota 4-Runner out on the ice of Lake Harmony.

This morning, I thought it would be cool to take a picture of his Toyota 4-Runner out in the ice of Lake Harmony.

I'll post it as soon as the MVNU e-mail is back up and I can get to it.


This makes me wish I needed a bunch of business cards.


Wouldn't you know it...

I, along with most of the guys in my apartment, finally decided to care about the NBA for one night and watch the All Star game... and it was on TNT so we couldn't watch it. The NBA has sunk SO LOW that they can't even get their All Star game on national TV??? None of the networks will pay for it? They'd rather show Becker, The Simpsons, Inspector Gadget and some show on NBC than the best in hoops getting together? Especially for MJ's last one! Could this league get any lower?

I think not.


One of my friend's (Alexis' apartmentmate) dad passed away today, very unexpectedly. Please pray for the Kern family.



Went on road trip #2 of the year today.

Alexis and I took off down 71 and spent the afternoon and evening in the Cincinnati/Kentucky area.
After finding out Dick Clark's American Bandstand was closed down, (I was quite disappointed), we decided to eat at Max and Erma's. Always a good choice. After that, we headed into Cincy and drove around down around the river on both sides trying to fand a place to stop along the river. We ended up at some bicentennial park thing they are building that has a nice river walk. After that we went over to Newport, Kentucky. We went to the aquarium, which was very cool, and to some of the stores around there. Then we headed back up north before the major rush hour traffic hit, stopped at the outlets in jeffersonville but they were closing in a like 15 minutes, so we went up to Columbus for dinner. We were again disappointed when we found out Dave and Buster's has a 21 and over rule, which I find really dumb since 21 is just an age to me, I don't plan on drinking before or after it, and had an ok, but not-too-great meal at Chili's. But all in all it was a very fun day. Tomorrow is all relaxation and then Wednesday classes start again. I am not looking forward to that after today.

Looking back over this, it sounds like a 5th graders "What I did over summer vacation" essay. Oh well, I'm on an official acedemic break.