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I think in 1 to 2 years, Television will be 100% reality shows and awards shows.

I don't watch much TV at all (just Friends at school and ESPN when I'm home) and with the new shows coming out, I don't think this fact is going to change.


The Gettysburg Address - Powerpoint Style

Dave Barry is a funny guy. But I doubt Froto agrees.

I was looking for resume samples at work today and found this. Great stuff.


For the first time in 3 or 4 semesters, my books didn't cost me over $300. This spring set me back less than $200!!!!! I've never been so happy buying like 10 books I don't want to read.


What Card Game Are You?

Well that was a crappy football game. No drama, no fun. Boring first half. Horrible half-time show. Only very good commercial (Terry Tate - Office Linebacker). The zebra one and the "bling bling" ESPN one were good, too. But overall I'm very disappointed.


My pick:

Raiders 33, Bucs 17
MVP - Rich Gannon




Alexis and I went to Polaris last night for a break from campus. Luckily, since all the stores down there are so huge, there is still a lot of stuff on sale from Christmas. I got two shirts at Old Navy for $4 and a fleece sweatshirt (also at Old Navy) for $7. I also got a 2-DVD set of Andy Griffith episodes for $10 at Best Buy. We went to Applebees and I had a very delicious Southwestern Steak Skillet and then we went over to the mall. It went downhill from there. I finally found an OSU national championship shirt I like but it was $24 at this overpriced sports store. Then we ended up having to leave earlier then we'd plan because my stupid ankle is still hurting. Oh well, overall it was still a very fun evening.


Happy Birthday to my blog! It is one year old today.


I have decided. My Super Bowl pick is.... the Raiders.

It took Tampa this long to get to one. I don't think they deserve to win it yet. Also, the Black and Silver O is just too darn good and they have the D to back it up. Tampa has the D but no O (despite what happened yesterday).

The Super Bowl should be awesome.

I'm excited.


Not a lot has happened lately. Nothing really worth mentioning. Well, I did twist, sprain, strain my ankle playing intramural basketball the other night. That was not fun. My ankle was two or three times bigger than normal. That was Thursday night. Most of the swelling finally went down over last night, but it's still pretty bruised. I'm hoping it's better by Monday night because our basketball team is playing a team we have a chance of beating.


I feel like I had a very accomplished day. I...

Cleaned up our room, did our dishes, cleaned the living room, got some errands done, figured out someting I've been trying to figure out for a long time, and got good exercise.


I stick with my Super Bowl prediction from the beginning of the playoffs.

Raiders v. Eagles


I forgot to put up my NFL picks for this week.

Titans, Eagles, Raiders, Tampa



If I was a potty mouth, this afternoon would cause a double flusher.

Ok so here's the story. I sold a Playstation 2 game on so I took it to the post office. I get in there and they have no envelopes the size I need. It's the freakin' post office and they couldn't help me mail something (unless I wanted to ship my Max Payne, first-person, shoot-em-up game in floral envelope that cost 1.50). So I go back out to my Jeep and there's a pink envelope in the window. Aparently a Jeep is classified as a "multi-purpose vehicle" and there was a sign that said no trucks, vans or multipurpose vehicles. So the City of Mount Vernon made five bucks on my ignorance. I called the police station to try and talk them out of it but the lady changed the subject and started telling my where my vehicle was made and stuff. So then I went to Walmart to get an envelope. I buy one, get back to the post office, park down a ways where there is no sign and low and behold here comes the meter man. I was filling out my envelope when I saw him and I knew the meter read expired. I didn't want to argue another ticket so I decided to fill the envelope out in the P.O., got out, put a dime in the meter and went into the PO. I come back out, feel my pocket and that's right, I had locked my keys in the Jeep. I called Alexis who has a key to it, but she was already at work, so I had to break into my own car on Main Street, Mount Vernon. Luckily Jeeps aren't that hard to break into.

What's the moral of the story? I don't know. But I know one thing. With 1)The envelope 2)The ticket 3)The locking, it is proven once again that bad things happen in three.


First day of philosophy was today. It's interesting. But 8am is really early.


Please pray for the Ramer family. They need it.

If you know the Ramer's and haven't heard what happened. E-mail or IM me and I'll let you know.


Freaking Steelers. Three games, three points short every time. That's really, really frustrating.

I say they trade couch for a Pro Bowl O-Lineman and a fullback or something, draft a QB and let Holcomb start until the new guy is ready to go.



What a game!!!!!!!!!!! Even better than Dalton v. Smithville 1 this year! Wonder what 99% of ESPN has to say now!!!!!

By the way, those two guys that called the game on ABC are the worst announcers in the entire world.


While I'm still officially gone until Tuesday or so. I thought I'd put up a few notes.

** GO BUCKEYES!! I really think they have a chance. We'll see.
** GO BROWNS!! My picks for this weeks NFL playoffs - Jets over Indy, Cleveland over Pittsburgh, Green Bay over Atlanta, San Fran over New York
** If you haven't heard any of Norah Jones' music, do so. It is wonderful.
** I saw Todd today for the first time in a year or so, it was kind of weird. But it was nice seeing him.
** I am really, really ready to go back to school.