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I Loooooooooooooove Snooooooooooooooow!!!!!

Today's snowfall made me so happy! I had a fun experience, too. I tried to go down this one snow covered hill but my shoes had no traction so I ended up sliding down backwards on my hands and knees. Then I had an interesting time trying to get back up it. Thank God for beautiful snow!!!


I found something I like about macs.


In some ways, I'm glad the semester is almost over. (M-W of next week and the week after that of classes, then finals week.)

But in another way, I'm not happy of all the stuff I have to do before then (accounting projects, yearbook layouts, tests, and finals.)

Come ooooooooooooooooon Christmas break!


The webpage tips that Strongbad gives remind me of those by SOMEONE I had as a teacher in high school. Gee, I bet Tiff and/or Chuck can't figure out who!


Hey, all you science fans out there! This Christmas, ask for a Element Collection! In your collection, you'll get a sample of all the natural elements, including the radioactive ones! It even has the classics such as oxygen, hydrogen, and helium! You can see the pictures of these empty jars, err, I mean, exciting gases on the web page! It's great!


I signed up for a Cleveland Indians Mastercard at the one game I was at this summer. With it, I get 6 months of Sports Illustrated. Well, guess what. Central Ohio was featured in the November 11 issue. For what?

Demolition Derbys.

Yeah, it really shows we living in "the heart of it all" as classy people. One of the counties close to here (Morrow, in which several of my profs live) is mentioned and then there's a quite a bit about the Dayton area. It was a good article, I just wish it didn't hit so close to home!

ok, so here's the story, a Miami of Ohio coach was arrested for pushing a 36-year-old Marshall fan down when the fan was down on the field after the game and taunting the Miami players. Now I'm not saying what the coach did was right, but I think the real question is, why is there a 36-year-old guy taunting a bunch of 18-22 year olds that his group of 18-22 year olds beat the first group? I'm a fan of football and all sports, I watch high school, college, and professional levels, but I watch it. I don't act like I'm part of the team. This guy didn't do anything to help Marshall win but yet he felt it to be his job to taunt Miami's players. What's up with this guy? And a lot of other die hard sports fans, for that matter. You AREN'T PART OF THE TEAM! Don't say "we" need to do that, or "we" won. You didn't win, the team you were watching did.

Sorry, that's always bugged me. Robert Flaugher of Pickerington, Ohio was just the last sports dweeb that I could take. You want to take credit for the win Robert? Suit up. Get dirty. But chances are if you're in the hospital after getting pushed by a coach and need your brother to do all the talking for you, you won't last too long.

Time for my Sports Editor side to come out.

MVNU's basketball team had 62 rebounds tonight. That's more than the other team had points. That's crazy. That's a good start to defending a National Championship if you ask me.

Billy Beane is the man. Everyone should learn to say no to Boston.

Thome was offered a buttload by Philly. He's one of the few I can see taking his hometown over the cash. We will see.

Today is Wednesday. That means 3 days to Smithville v. Dalton.
I. Can't. Wait.


I think this is the time when I'm supposed to talk about my weekend.

Friday - Santa Clause 2 -- Not bad for a sequel, very not bad for a sequel to a kids movie made by disney. some lame humor, but it's a sequel to a kids movie made by disney so it's to be expected. but over all, not bad. cutest little girl in it.

Saturday - Dalton v. Cardinal -- How was Cardinal undefeated? They were small, their quarterback has a horrible attitude (at least it appeared like it from the stands), and they could keep a hold of the ball. Dalton rocked. I can't WAIT until the smithville game saturday. Dalton scored the second most point in D5 this past weekend and Smithvilled scored the least of a winning team by far. Hopefully Dalton's momentum will keep them going. The Smithies can have the WCAL trophey, but Dalton can get something better. By the way, Derek Jackson is awesome. I remember when he was a little kid when his mom babysat my brother and I when we moved to Dalton, so it's kind of weird seeing him play HS football. But we played incredibly sat. so did Mark. Well everybody did. But especially those two.

Sunday -- Had an interesting speaker in church, a spanish speaking minister from Central America who preached through a translator. Had some interesting thoughts and it was cool hearing the two languages together. On the way back to school I slept all but about 15 minutes worth. And I'm still pretty tired. So I'm going to bed now. I am not looking forward to the Monday ahead of me.


Is Jurrasic Park trying to gain on The Land Before Time?

Current Score:
LBT: 7*
JP: 4?**

*Doesn't include a sing-a-long
**I don't think there are any plans for a Jurrasic Park Sing-a-long.


Best. Thing. Ever.

I would so love to do that to someone.... lol


This is sad. Dusty Baker is a great manager. He led his team to the world series and they don't even give him a chance to come back? I hope he ends up with the Cubs. He's the one that could get them a championship.


Stinking Wayne County

FOR THE TAX LEVY . . . . . . . 10,664 39.81
AGAINST THE TAX LEVY . . . . . . 16,124 60.19

I think the library needs to have public tours through the basement of the Wooster library to see how cramped and piled and horrible that place is. It's rediculous, seriously. I had to work there. It's not pretty. There's cubicles made out of cubicles, stuff stacked everywhere. They have to store stuff in the basement of neighboring buehler's and across the street (both places they have to rent.) And most of the branches need updating, too. (Dalton especially, it's way too small for the amount of circ we have.) I wish I would have had an absentee ballot, I don't like not being able to vote. But this lost by 6,000 anyways....

This makes me very much not happy.

when I woke up through 9:30 :-p

After that :-D :-D :-D


If any of you are thinking about ordering pizza, I recommend Pizza Hut's new Chicago Deep Dish. We had it last night and it is goooooooooooooooooooooood stuff.

Here's a few quick ones for your viewing and reading pleasure.

Why do people do such things? (I'm refering to the stealing part.)

These are freaking awesome!

This would be a fun toy.

Who's going to Pee Pee?


Ok, time to go into a little more details on yesterday's road trip

Left MVNU in the Honda around 9:30. After driving about three hours (and in the process of confusing the daylights out of my dad when he called my cell phone and I told him we were almost in Pennsylvania), we got to Robinson Town Centre area. After looking around and finding mostly chain restaurants and no local new places to try, we decided to try Greenleaf's Grill in The Mall at Robinson. It was pretty much the only place we hadn't heard of. Good food. Not the best, but good for fast food. Then, we went to Bruster's for ice cream. That was some gooood ice cream.

Then we took Tiff's advice and tried Ikea. Cool store. Doesn't take the place of The Great Indoors as my favorite home decoration and furniture store, but cool none-the-less.

After that, we headed to Pittsburg. I love the Fort Pitt Tunnel. Well, not the tunnel itself, but the fact that on one side, you're still in wooded nature-type areas, but on the other side, boom. You're in the city. As far as the city of Pittsburgh goes, I was disappinted. Granted, we just decided to go a few days before and didn't research the city at all, but still. I know there has to be things to do there, but they don't advertise it. In Cleveland there's signs all over the city: Science Museum this way, Jacob's Field this way, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this way, etc. Besides the stadiums (which if you can't find yourself you probably shouldn't be driving) there wasn't signs for anything. So basically, we just drove around the city and looked around. It seems like most of the city is colleges and universities.

After that, we decided to head down 19, we stopped here and there checking out a mall and a Pennsylvania Wal-Mart Supercenter (which by the way was identical in every way to Massolin's).

I missed the exit for 36 coming up 77 so I took the next one and found my way back to 36 via backroads (not getting lost thank you very much). Unfortunatly this made us 10 minutes late to eat where we wanted to, The Old Warehouse Restaurant at Roscoe Village, which closed at 9. So we drove around Coshocton and found only fast food and bob evans. So we had a quick bite to eat at Burger King and headed back to school.

It was a great, great day. Exactly what I needed.



New Mexico idiots may get the right to vote.

I think while I'm in Pennsylvania this weekend I'll swing my Philly and put a "No Thomes Allowed" sign up.