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My dog's back.

It ran away tuesday not to be seen again. My parents picked her up at the pound today. One of our neighbor's called the pound tuesday night and told them there was an injured dog running around. It wasn't injured, but they got the dog part right. So it cost us $55 because our neighbor didn't let the dog just come home itself...

I'm back to school, but I'll be busy.


I just remembered something I wanted to post.

When I was at walmart today, I saw an amish guy buying a hand held solitaire game.

It's electric... it's cards.... is that like a double negative, they cancel each other out? I'm no Amish expert, but that didn't seem kosher to me.

Add to highlights

**My room is done being painted

**Some ladies from church dropped off my care package. This year is a whole clothes basket full of stuff.

Add some lowlights

**Our oldest dog took off around 5 or 6 and hasn't been back since

Today's Highlights

**Received my Jeep order and got everything put on by myself (it wasn't anything hard, but I still feel good about it)

**Found out I have a chance of getting a (paid) internship in the Public Relations department of Wayne County Public Library next summer

**Got a nap in

**I Should finish getting my room painted


I bought the two-disc collector's edition of Monty Python and the Holy Grail today. I've very excited. It has so much stuff that sounds absolutley hilarious. I'll let you know if it really is or not.


That was fun.

Although we were completley unorganized, we didn't do to bad. And when we got back to the Doc's house, there was a message on the answering machine from this lady who said on her way home her 6 year old son wanted to "take the boy in the blue shirt {me} home, tie him to a chair and make him sing all the time.

I made a little kid happy :-) That makes me feel good.

Big gig tonight.

The resurrected and reconstructed (we're now five guys) Bittersweet Harmony is in charge of a full church service tonight. And in true Bittersweet tradition we've only had three practices with singing time equaling about an hour or so. So it should be interesting. Hopefully we won't make Doc (the pastor of the church we're singing at) regret calling us :-)

We miss you Chuck.


Well I started something tonight. I decided instead of trading in my Jeep for a newer one next summer and paying a 3 or 4 thousand for the upgrade. I'm going to put my money into fixing up the one I have. So I started shopping tonight. I'm hoping this also teaches me some things about vechicles, as I know nothing.

Jeez, in the time I put those posts up, the Bucks dethroned the tribe on the front page. See here

After putting up that last post, I think I'm going to honor Mr. Rohr by adding a kudos section to my sidebar.

Go Ohio!

Ohio Sports which are usually either ignored or mocked by ESPN made the sports networks front page and college football front page at the same time today! Kudos to the Buckeyes and the outstanding rookie RB and Karim Garcia and the Indians!


Yesterday at work (the Wooster library), the computer network went down around 10 am. This includes the connection to check-in/out books, the internet, e-mail, all that good stuff. I found it depressing how our society is so dependant on computers. There were people just walking around because they couldn't find anything to do, there were some departments that packed up and went home at lunch because they couldn't do anything without computers. The one lady I work by was cleaning out here desk, after she went trough and weeded out old, unneeded e-mails from the past couple years. It was pathetic! My tasks could be completed without a computer so I was going about my business and people asked me why I was still working.

I started thinking about how much do I rely on computers. When it comes down to it, I think I could live without them. All I really use the internet for is the blog you are reading now and reading others, e-mail, instant messaging, and fantasy sports. I could write a diary, I could write letters to people, and I could do without fantasy sports if I absolutly have to. Other than the internet all I use my computer for is playing High Heat and of course, writing papers. I could do withou High Heat, too. The hand writing papers things scares me. Getting three-fourths of the way done and messing up so bad you have to start the page over? That would stink. But I think I could do it.

One computerized thing that will become a big part of my life this year is laying out a newspaper. It's pretty easy with Quark Express and goes a lot faster, but it is possible to lay a paper out the old fashioned way.

Then there are the little things like listening to music, or watching movies, but there are other means to do that. So after my self-evaluation I'm pretty sure I could make it in a non-computerized world. I really don't do anything that absolutely needs a computer. That makes me happy. I want computers to be a hobby, not what controls my life.


Beneath the cruddiness of my digital camera is a picture of our new Jack Russel Terrier puppy, Shelby.

By brother decided we needed another dog, so this is what he came home with. He's quite cute, but now we have two dogs and a cat. That means after I get my fish for school we'll have an equal number of animals to humans. You start to wonder who owns who...


One of the guys on Pardon the Interruption (a show on ESPN that highly resembles Abe and I sometimes) made a very interesting statement.

They were discussing Little League Baseball on TV and whether or not this is too much exposier for 12 year olds. The guy I mentioned above (the white guy on the show, I don't know their names) said that parents are pushing way too hard that winning is everything. I agree with this very much. But the statement that I really liked was (in reference to America) "We're East Germany with better food"

I really like that statement applying to sports because I think it's very true. No matter what age group, it's all about winning. Being the best. They (on the show) mentioned that there are traveling teams in every sport from age 6! Even sports like hockey!! That's insane!

This country isn't only getting too fast paced. It's getting way to competitive. I think things in this country would be a lot better if we all just kicked back and relax for awhile every now and then. If we remember who is really in control (God) we could all lighten up a bit.

Main points of my day today

9:15 Lift Weights

10:15 Decide to go on bike ride with Alexis that ended up being the entire Sippo Vally Trail (20 miles) The farthest I've ever bike before it 8 miles

7:00 Swim for two hours


Two days, two sales.

This time I sold one of my school text books for $5 MORE than I bought it for! I profit on a textbook sell back! Forget you college bookstores! rules


Talk about 0 to 60. I only work 3 more days the rest of the summer and only have a few other things planned, so I'll be pretty bored. Then, Friday the 30th I have one job orientation that starts at 8 am. Then, I have another one at 5 pm the next night and I help with move in activities all week end, then more orientation for the 2nd job on monday and tuesday morning. Then I have the orientation for my 3rd job Tuesday afternoon. Yikes!!!

yeah. one day of stuff on, one sale.

I sold my Monty Python and the Holy Grail DVD because I want to buy the new collector's edition, 2-disc one.

If you haven't notice, there's a link to the stuff I'm selling over there (<-----) under "What's New"


Well since I'm only working a few more days this summer, I decided to try and make money the American way: selling stuff on e-bay. Actually it's on I'll put a link to my stuff on here once I get it taken care of. I know you're all dying to buy my stuff.

It's all books and movies by the way. Nothing like Chuck had.



Triple X can only bring about one description. It's an action movie. Pure and simple. Explosions, cars, guns, a girl, the bad guy, it's action movie through and through, and not a bad one at that. There were some points where the director abused his power. Just because you have the ability to do some special effects, doesn't mean you need to do them. Because they're dumb. But that's one ingrediaent* of an action movie, trying out new things. This one is pretty enjoyable but probably only for guys for the most part.

By the way, there was a preview for the next Vin Diesel movie before XXX, and guess who one of the actors is? They didn't put any names up but I'm 90% sure it was former New York mayor Rudy Guiliani. He was always pretty good on SNL, I guess he wanted to try on the big screen.

* Thanks Abe :-)


Well yes, I'm still here.

I've been doing this, that, and the other thing or nothing at all recently. Today for instance I've been a total bum. Mostly due to the fact that I have the crappy work hours of 5-8 and I didn't get up until 9:30. So once I got some of the stuff I needed to do done, I didn't have enough time to go anyplace. This weekend should be intesesting. Tomorrow night Alexis works so I'll probably go to walmart or something and get some stuff for school. Saturday I work and then I'm taking a load of stuff down to my apartment at school since I found out one of my apartmentmates already moved it. Then I'm going with him so see XXX. Unfortunatly, this makes me miss Abe's get-together which I'm bummed about. Then Sunday, besides Church and Sunday School, I don't know what will happen but I'm hoping swimming is in the picture.

Then after this weekend I don't know what the future holds. I have no scheduled work hours so I'll probably be looking for other ways to make money... i.e. mowing or house work for grandparents and stuff I guess. I don't know.


Going to the Tribe game tonight.

Going to see Charles Nagy try to act like he has something other than bone in his arm. At least they are playing Tampa Bay. This will actually kind of being like going to a minor league game, I won't really know who anyone is.


Mr. Rohr Kudos to M Night Shyamalan.

So many "suspense" films are cookie cutter cheap scares. You can usually see what's going to happen next. What Lies Beneath, for instance. But not Signs. This was a great movie. It had a good plot, good acting, and a real scary edge to it. It was very well done. Shyamalan even did a good job acting in it. This movie has laughs, drama, and it even got me to jump a few times. Which was a nice change. There were parts you kind of knew what was going to happen but it didn't happen that way. As in The Sixth Sense, Shyamalan got his point across without too much swearing or violence. It left things to the imagination and didn't put unnecessary images or words in the picture. I highly recommend this movie. There aren't many good shows to pick from this summer, so take advantage of this one.

Saw a really good movie last night, The Shipping News. It stars Kevin Spacey, Cate Blanchett and Judi Dench. It's a little strange to a certain extent, but it's really good.

Has anybody else heard "She is Beautiful" by Andrew W.K.? I love that song. I've been listening to it almost not stop while driving. Everything in it just fits to well. It's got a great beat, the guitars are awesome, and the vocals are unique. It's good stuff.