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A Good, Good Day

Today I had a seemingly simple final exam, an easy hour and a half at work, had great conversations at lunch and dinner, MVNC beat Malone, and had an awesome time playing cards with friends.

If my books for Spring Semester didn't cost $300, it would have been darn near perfect. :-)

Pressure and suspense

So my exam was borderline, I'm not sure how I did. Now I have to wait and see when grades come out to see if I magaged a B or not... Well, I guess waiting for a possible B is better than knowing a definate C...


Not much to say tonight. Just went to The Den and studied. But it was fun :-)

By the way, I did find out if I get a 28/30 or above on my final I can get a B. We'll see if that happens or not.

Also, as confident as that last post might have sounded. I'm scared to death of failing.

I'm getting a C in one of my two J-term classes.

A C!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This was supposed to be one of the easiest classes in J-term.

I'm getting a C.

There's lot of excuses I could use. The professor is Korean, there's only a total of 100 points diveded up into four 25 point tests. (Which is a new format for this class, those who called it easy didn't have this.) We have 20-30 pages of notes per test. The professor's English is bad enough and he uses trick questions. We don't have text book. I only know one person with an A. The list goes on and on.

But I still have a C.

The second C I've gotten in college, the other also being a communications course (which happens to be my minor).

If it wasn't for my other J-term class, in which I have an A, I would be below the GPA I need for my scholarship. So I will probably be fighting around that number the rest of my college career.

But here's the thing. I want straight A's in spring.

I've never cared much about grades before. A's B's the occasional C. Whatever. But I can't take it anymore. I have to do better. I NEED to do better. Not for my GPA, not for my scholarship. For me. I need to see straight A's. I don't think I've done it since elementary school, but I want it again. This is probably the worst semester to start this, I have a math class, start my marketing major, have a prof I've twice before getting two B's, the other comm professor which with I got a C. I know there is no possible way for me to get straight A's. But I'm going to try. I'm going to work harder than I've ever have. I finally have the hunger. I finally have the need. It will take a lot more than me, God will have to keep me going, my friends will have to keep me going, I will have to keep me going. But I'm going to try as hard as I can.

I'm getting a C in one of my two J-term classes.

Take the Color Code Test

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well, I got a web site up

It's horribly ugly, but it's going to have to suffice until I have time to do otherwise

I'm just happy after a long time I got my blog working on the new site. I also fixed the comment placing and changed my name and got the archives working. now I just have to figure out how in the world to get it from running right like that!


Welcome to Colorworks!

I was playing around with this on the M&M's web site. Did you know 700 lbs of M&M's costs $5586 plus shipping? Who wants to chip in? :-)

Also, you can register to vote for a new color. The voting starts in march.

Yep, these are some deep thoughts...

Now that it's new day and I've had a nice nine and a half hour sleep, I want to explain more about my post last night. That was simply a release of frustration that I needed to get out of my system before I even tried to sleep. I don't consider it a serious attack on anyone, but just a huge venting that needed to exit my mind.

I don't consider those people "stupid", that was just he word I chose at the moment, however I do consider them immature. Here's more detail of what happened. My roommate and I were playing this game and we were in a room with two other people having a nice time. Then three guys who knew each other popped in and basically shared every way they had found to misspell words to get around the language filter. When we tried to persuade them to stop, they just decided to call everyone other names they figured out how to misspell and start drawing pictures of what I mentioned before, people deficating into other peoples mouths, people doing you know what, all with names written in beside them. Our names, if you didn't catch on. So, we left and found a different room. We started another game that was fine and this girl came in and started using the "whisper funtion" to try and get people to boot the person who was winning. Then she told me to bump the screen name my roommate uses (she didn't know he was my rooommate) because he was "annoying" so I told her no and publically asked her to stop booting everyone. So then she whispered to everyone else to boot me and with the exception of my roommate, it worked. So I'm now booted out of that room for ever. (Which I'm not that worried about because I don't plan on playing the game anymore, but it's the prinicple.

So I hope you can see, I had reason to be frustrated. The thing I want to point out in my last post is I wish there was a way I could minister to them but on that there isn't a way. To whomever posted Ph. 2:3, I do not consider myself better than these people, as hard as it is, but I was just frustrated with what they were doing to ruin it for everyone else. I want to help them find God, I know they are children from the same heavenly Father I am and I wish I could make them know that. But, I can't in that medium so I'm just left being frustrated.

I won't take down that post, I think this blog should be a fair representation of what I'm going through and you can't take away the emotions you've had. So I won't delete the past. But I hope everyone knows that this I use this as a way to let out how I feel for all emotions. That was how I was feeling last night, even if it may have had wrong intentions.

God loves everyone and so should we, and I do. But sometimes, people get on your nerves and you have to vent. I guess that's why we, also like God, have the ablity to forgive. A blessing I praise God for many times.

Playing InkLink reminds me of how many stupid people are out there. It's amazing how many people there are that get a kick out of joining your game and drawing reproductive organs and the like every time it's there turn. What's the point? Also, there is a large number of people that deem it necessary to "boot" you from the room if you're beating them. It'a amazing how many childish people there are on that game. It's really sad. Playing a game like that there's no way to minister to them or anything, you just have to put up with it, leave, or as I usually choose to do, try to get them to realize how exactly they are acting. It just angers me that people with this lack of mental growth choose to use it as a method to have "fun" instead of realizing where their life is and turning it in the right direction. Sigh... God bless them, every one. And PLEASE give me be peace away from them.

I think I'm done with that game for awhile... while do the bad apples always have to spoil it?

Yikes, we watched The Shining and Bounce tonight. Both were pretty wierd with The Shining winning the grand prize.


Just so everyone knows, with my two teams losing yesterday, I've decided whom I am rooting for in the Super Bowl...

Go Browns!

Today was interesting. Both of my teams lost in the playoffs but I had a great night. Alexis and I went to Easton and hung out at Barnes and Nobles. If you ever go there check out the Pop-Up book of Phobias.

1.27.2002 - InkLink
That is rather cool. Anyways...

I watched four movies today. Waiting for Guffman (hilairous), It happens every summer (great, old, black and white baseball movie), It happened one night (old, black and white, clark gable movie), and Duets (a great Karaoke movie). The first was by my self, the latter three with Alexis. So, it was a lazy day but tomorrow I'm looking to get out and about.


Certain people will apprieciate this. I, for some unknown reason, went to the good ol' DHS web site today. It says "updated frequently" but yet, the "webteam" that "update"s "frequently" included at least one person who graduated last year. Interesting. Also, all four of the schools websites have a direct link to something Dalton's most elite tribe is in charge of.... cough cough..... 5th/6th grade track day.... cough cough.... wanake (last years, that is)....... cough cough...... Tobe Grim track meet... cough..... anyways... yeah. Good to know things in Dalton never change, isnt' it? :-p

Today was awesome. Alexis and I went to Mohican and drove around some muddy back roads getting all turned around and confused, then found a place to overlook a huge gorge, it was really cool. Then tonight we went to Friendly's and to see A Walk to Remember. It was pretty good. But yeah, I'm going to be going to bed with a smile tonight :-)

Well, I figured out there was generic drivers installed. So, I'm going to have to take apart this thing (it's a full tower with 8 screws) and hope the brands are on the cards... fun fun fun! But it's worth it to make the owner of the computer happy :-)


ARGH! Alexis' computer wouldn't start, it was missing some files (I think they were network related). I ended up reformatting the whole thing and then reinstalled windows. Now, there is no Network Neihborhood, IE won't connect to the network, the network card comes up with an error in the devices menu and if that's not enough, it will only do 16 colors and a res of 600x400. If anyone has ANY advice, please e-mail me or leave a comment or something!!!

My first ever Friday Five!

Friday Five

1. What cologne or perfume do you wear? Abercrombie, if I wear it

2. What cologne or perfume do you like best on the opposite sex? dunno

3. What one smell can you not stomach? puke

4. What smell do you like that others might consider weird? umm... not sure about that

5. How do you plan to spend your weekend? fixing this blasted computer, going to see a movie, sleeping in tomorrow, church on Sunday, pretty basic but oh well

That wasn't a very good one to start out with, but it leaves room for improvement...


Ok, that's the best I could do for the comments with my lack of HTML knowledge and experience. Can someone tell me how to make it a smaller font and move it up to the footer line? And also how to change is so it only says my first name in "posted by" and any other helpful stuff, like how to put in pictures just anything useful. Thanks!


Today was a day of chilling out. Watched some old bugs bunny cartoons and Alexis and I whipped the Matts at Euchre :-)

I decided to go with Tripod for my new site. The big ugly ad at the top is a little less big and a little less ugly. Supposedly it can be made into a pop-up ad instead but I haven't found that yet... We'll see.

Also, MVNC e-mail SUCKS!

Today was good, too. MVNC's basketball team won, Alexis and I started planning our trip to Indianpolis, and I had a lot of fun with a lot of my friends. Not to mention the fact is was warm out. If I hadn't gotten a test back that made it so I can no longer get in A in my J-term class, I'd say today was darn near perfect. But I didn't, so it will just go down as a great day :-)


Chuck had a link to this on his site, it's one of the most hilarious things in a long time. I wish David were here, I know he'd love it. link

Tonight was really good. I went on a long walk with Alexis and we just hung out and talked. I really needed a night of relaxation.

I also found out if you're bored, has a lot of free samples you can send to your friends addresses :-)

I'm just getting this started so bear with me. Eventually this will be on my normal web page when I get that up and running. But for now. This is where I'll keep it