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DHS Tales



While being at DHS and walking the halls

Iíve met many people, interesting all.

They are all different, none are the same

No one, not anyone, a lad or a dame.

Some Iíve never talked to, some to Iíve spoken a word

But most people, my voice they have heard.

Iíd like to tell about them in my tale

I wonít mention them all, three of each ladies and males.

Why choose these six and not other ones?

These will be the ones most creatively done.

Iíll tell you about their looks and their style

And if they are nice and would go the extra mile.

So without more reading and without further ado

I give five friends and one of my teachers to you.


First there is Chris, my truly best friend

To me a hand he always does lend.

He is somewhat tall and has a mathematical brain

His most distinguishing feature is his hair hurricanes.

He is a musician, a student, a runner

And some things he says can really be a stunner.

He has a girlfriend, Tracy is her name

And to be dating her he should not have a shame.

His usual clothing t-shirt and jeans

Chris is a guy who never is mean.

His face is usually sporting a smile

Even when he sings his eyebrows are raised a mile.

And even though Chris is really kind of skinny

You better watch out because he is no ninny.

Donít be afraid of Chris though and here is why

He is just your average top of the line nice guy.


My friend Maggie is the next you will meet

You could never find another person so sweet.

Sheís very intelligent, wow is she smart

She is also very talented in performing arts.

She plays oboe and flute, she acts, dances, and sings

She is just as pretty as a bird in flight with itís wings.

Maggie is the kind of person youíre lucky to befriend.

If you have problems, with them she will help you mend.

She has a lot of confidence from what I can tell

She also always dresses fashionably well.

To have Maggie as a friend I know Iíve been struck

By good, old fashioned, plain, old, top-of-the-line luck.


Next Iíd like you to meet my friend Dan

Let me tell you he is the man.

He is one of the smartest people I know

He definitely isnít one of your plain old Joes.

He knows history like the back of his hand

His knowledge of the military is just grand.

He dresses in khakiís and usually a drama shirt

Although he is usually reading his brain is alert.

He is rather skinny and also quite tall

When it comes to helping out he goes beyond the call.

When you get down to it, heís an awesome guy

Heís one of the secrets of Dalton High.


Now to Alexis, one of my newer friends

When we need to vent, on each other we depend.

We tell each other problems and get some advice

Usually using Instant Messenger, what a wonderful device.

This is yet another one of my friends who is smart

When it comes to a battle of wits sheís as smart as a dart.

She dresses very nicely and smiles a lot, too

She can always cheer you up, when youíre feeling blue.

I am certainly glad I found her as a friend this year

Otherwise I would have gone crazy I fear.


On to my friend Darin, hereís a quiet one

Who usually is worried about getting his Comp. done.

When it comes to Mustangs, you know the car,

This guyís knowledge goes very, very far.

Usually in jeans, a striped shirt and some tennis shoes

When you need a good laugh with Darin you canít lose.

He works at Das Dutch, he is a grill cook

So you might want to give your food a second look.

All in all Darinís a good man

You should go meet him as fast as you can.


Now to a teacher, known as Mrs. ED

To leave her behind next year I do dread.

She is a good friend, not just an educator

She will listen to problems and be an argument regulator.

She not only somewhat serves as our own Dalai Lama

She also is awesome at art and drama.

She is defiantly the best drama coach around

The impact she leaves on students is profound.

The things she has taught me I shall never forget

Whether it is a dramatic pause or how to paint a sunset.

Mrs. ED is a wonderful, wonderful teacher

I think she is one of the Godís perfect human creatures.


There you have it, my friends from Dalton

Some people here canít compare to anyone.

Some of the worldís best people are in this town

When you are around them it is hard to frown.

So if you ever come through our way

Donít be scared to stop and stay.

Check out the Dariette and stop by the Bliss

But talk to some of the people or youíll miss,

The best part of our little place.

Iím sure youíll find someone who will to you embrace.