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Comments by: YACCS

Discussion Answer: I do not think there is a problem having different denominations. But I think there should not be fighting between them-as in who is worshipping the right way or not. I think as long as you are a believer in Jesus Christ and not only believe what the Bible says, but to also practice what is said, then there's no problem with what denomination you are a part of. I don't agree when people have arguments over what religion is best. Denominations are the different ways in which the people-Christians-interpret the Bible-but what is the right way? That's why the Bible was written. It should bring Christians together rather than separate. So that's what I think-if I think of anything else, I will comment again.

posted by Laura G at 4:51 PM


My grandpa is in the hospital. He fell and hit his head and then they took him in they found out his lungs are filling (filled) with water again. So please pray for him and my family, thanks!

posted by RMK at 11:50 AM


Discussion Time

Ok I thought of something I'd like you hear your opinions on.

I grew up in the Methodist church, attend a Nazarene University, and this past summer went to a Mennonite Church almost every Sunday. I really have seen no differences between the three.

So here are my questions: 1) how important do you think it is to be associated with a denomination, 2) how do you think God feels about different denominations and there being that seperation (be it big or small) in his followers and 3) would you rather see the tradition of denominations continue or all Christians be more of a single unit working together instead of "against" each other?

posted by RMK at 3:01 PM


I've decided to add comments to our blog. I think it will be good for us to have some discussions and such on here, too.

I had a good discussion topic, but I forget it now. So if I think of it, I'll post it.

God Bless!

posted by RMK at 9:10 AM