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Mr. Rohr Kudos to M Night Shyamalan.

So many "suspense" films are cookie cutter cheap scares. You can usually see what's going to happen next. What Lies Beneath, for instance. But not Signs. This was a great movie. It had a good plot, good acting, and a real scary edge to it. It was very well done. Shyamalan even did a good job acting in it. This movie has laughs, drama, and it even got me to jump a few times. Which was a nice change. There were parts you kind of knew what was going to happen but it didn't happen that way. As in The Sixth Sense, Shyamalan got his point across without too much swearing or violence. It left things to the imagination and didn't put unnecessary images or words in the picture. I highly recommend this movie. There aren't many good shows to pick from this summer, so take advantage of this one.

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Saw a really good movie last night, The Shipping News. It stars Kevin Spacey, Cate Blanchett and Judi Dench. It's a little strange to a certain extent, but it's really good.

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Has anybody else heard "She is Beautiful" by Andrew W.K.? I love that song. I've been listening to it almost not stop while driving. Everything in it just fits to well. It's got a great beat, the guitars are awesome, and the vocals are unique. It's good stuff.

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In about 10 minutes it will be August. That means it's the month we go back to school. Yay. If I knew how to do code for a countdown, I would. But I'm computer illiterate. So I won't. But yeah. I'm happy it's August.

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I'll hopefully be putting my camera to use soon. For some reason, I installed it on my laptop first and that's not connected to the internet. So I need to set it up on this computer and then we'll get things rolling. Anybody recommend an online picture storer album thing?

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I hope the raise in stamp prices contributes to schooling for the postal workers.

Apparentley"This page is no longer be active."

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I watched Field of Dreams for the first time today.

I wish baseball players now loved the game that much and weren't just in it for the money...

posted by RMK | 3:56 PM
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