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My Dad went to his appointment and the doctor said that there were some shadows showing up onthe CATscan but he is not sure if it cancer or scar tissue. He is going to have another PETscan, which is very painful, next week. PLease pray that he won't have so much pain from his test and that it is not cancer again. -Thanks

posted by Laura G at 9:22 PM


April Merkle's mom was in a car accident. She was life lighted to Akron and I am not sure how she is doing at this point. April's dad and brother are in Canada so April is home alone. Pray for her family and especially for her mom. Thanx!

posted by Becca Reeder at 8:58 PM


My dad is getting test results back on Monday for his three month check-up. Please pray that they will be cancer-free. Also, a family member is expecting a baby in september and the parents are not well off financially, so pray that God will help them give the baby a good home when it is born.

posted by Laura G at 8:09 PM


Couple prayers:

**Trish Porter is doing mission work in Jamaica. She leaves tonight. Josh is in Hong Kong visiting Mike Stiener. So please pray for the family as they are separated doing work for God

**I'm not sure when, but Matt Pyers' dad passed away. I guess they found him in their yard. So please pray for their family as well.

posted by RMK at 6:06 PM


Praise God for the beautiful weather, but we also need to be praying for rain...

posted by RMK at 12:58 AM


My cousin was in a car accident and he is living out of state. He's not very familiar with the surroundings and doesn't know anyone. Please pray that God will guide him through the city and keep him safe. And also that he won't feel homesick or lonely. Thanks!

posted by Laura G at 11:40 AM


hey guys, kelley geiser emailed me today and she is working at a camp in New Mexico with Dan Cowden. anyhow, she said that he needs prayer because he is feeling depressed. so if u could send some prayers his way that would be great!!!!!!!!!!! toodles!!!!!!! leesha

posted by elisha robatzek at 3:46 PM


hey guys, i'm back safe!!!!!! thanx 4 your prayers!!!!!!!!!!! JESUS LOVES U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

posted by elisha robatzek at 8:27 AM


For Tara Gerber and her family. Her grandma (Kohler) passed away.
For my Grandma who has to wait until Monday to see a specialist for her arm.
For safe traveling for the holidays

One of the doctors where my mom works had their baby today (it was a girl when they thought all along it was a boy)
That we live in a country as free as it is even with some of the rotten things that happen here.
That we all have each other and are able to do something like this.

posted by RMK at 1:05 AM


One of my cousins that lives in Costa Rica died yesterday. He was only 17 and the youngest of three. He had just walked out of his house with some friends and he dropped dead. Just pray for his family and twin sister and brother (19 yrs. old) as they cope through this unexpected situation. He will be missed, but surely now he is happy and safe with our Lord. -Thanks
PS. Remember to enjoy every moment of your life because we never know when it will be our time to go home...Don't sweat the small stuff.

posted by Laura G at 11:36 PM


My grandma's collar bone started out as only a hairline fracture. Last night she moved wrong and it broke the whole way. So the situation has gotten a lot worse. Our family would appreciate your continued prayers.

posted by RMK at 1:08 PM


Please pray for my grandparents.

My paternal grandma fell and broke her shoulder the other night. The situation is worsened by the fact that my grandpa has alsheimers and doesn't really know what's going on.

My maternal grandfather is very weak and is unable to even sit up in his wheelchair. Please pray for him and my grandma who is continuously taking care of him.

posted by RMK at 4:59 PM