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"I'm here to regulate funkiness" -The Mexican


Certain people will apprieciate this. I, for some unknown reason, went to the good ol' DHS web site today. It says "updated frequently" but yet, the "webteam" that "update"s "frequently" included at least one person who graduated last year. Interesting. Also, all four of the schools websites have a direct link to something Dalton's most elite tribe is in charge of.... cough cough..... 5th/6th grade track day.... cough cough.... wanake (last years, that is)....... cough cough...... Tobe Grim track meet... cough..... anyways... yeah. Good to know things in Dalton never change, isnt' it? :-p

posted by RMK | 1:56 AM

Today was awesome. Alexis and I went to Mohican and drove around some muddy back roads getting all turned around and confused, then found a place to overlook a huge gorge, it was really cool. Then tonight we went to Friendly's and to see A Walk to Remember. It was pretty good. But yeah, I'm going to be going to bed with a smile tonight :-)

posted by RMK | 1:24 AM

Well, I figured out there was generic drivers installed. So, I'm going to have to take apart this thing (it's a full tower with 8 screws) and hope the brands are on the cards... fun fun fun! But it's worth it to make the owner of the computer happy :-)

posted by RMK | 1:23 AM


ARGH! Alexis' computer wouldn't start, it was missing some files (I think they were network related). I ended up reformatting the whole thing and then reinstalled windows. Now, there is no Network Neihborhood, IE won't connect to the network, the network card comes up with an error in the devices menu and if that's not enough, it will only do 16 colors and a res of 600x400. If anyone has ANY advice, please e-mail me or leave a comment or something!!!

posted by RMK | 11:39 AM

My first ever Friday Five!

Friday Five

1. What cologne or perfume do you wear? Abercrombie, if I wear it

2. What cologne or perfume do you like best on the opposite sex? dunno

3. What one smell can you not stomach? puke

4. What smell do you like that others might consider weird? umm... not sure about that

5. How do you plan to spend your weekend? fixing this blasted computer, going to see a movie, sleeping in tomorrow, church on Sunday, pretty basic but oh well

That wasn't a very good one to start out with, but it leaves room for improvement...

posted by RMK | 11:32 AM


Ok, that's the best I could do for the comments with my lack of HTML knowledge and experience. Can someone tell me how to make it a smaller font and move it up to the footer line? And also how to change is so it only says my first name in "posted by" and any other helpful stuff, like how to put in pictures just anything useful. Thanks!

posted by RMK | 6:56 PM


Today was a day of chilling out. Watched some old bugs bunny cartoons and Alexis and I whipped the Matts at Euchre :-)

posted by RMK | 11:25 PM

I decided to go with Tripod for my new site. The big ugly ad at the top is a little less big and a little less ugly. Supposedly it can be made into a pop-up ad instead but I haven't found that yet... We'll see.

Also, MVNC e-mail SUCKS!

posted by RMK | 1:25 AM

Today was good, too. MVNC's basketball team won, Alexis and I started planning our trip to Indianpolis, and I had a lot of fun with a lot of my friends. Not to mention the fact is was warm out. If I hadn't gotten a test back that made it so I can no longer get in A in my J-term class, I'd say today was darn near perfect. But I didn't, so it will just go down as a great day :-)

posted by RMK | 12:13 AM


Chuck had a link to this on his site, it's one of the most hilarious things in a long time. I wish David were here, I know he'd love it. link

posted by RMK | 11:39 PM

Tonight was really good. I went on a long walk with Alexis and we just hung out and talked. I really needed a night of relaxation.

I also found out if you're bored, has a lot of free samples you can send to your friends addresses :-)

posted by RMK | 11:03 PM

I'm just getting this started so bear with me. Eventually this will be on my normal web page when I get that up and running. But for now. This is where I'll keep it

posted by RMK | 11:39 AM
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