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End of the Madness?
The good news is, my computer now works. The bad news is how it got to this point.
1) MVNU gets another worm (as mentioned before), asks everyone to install patch
2) Can't install patch because it required install of XP Service Pack 1 and my computer couldn't not freeze for long enough to install it
3) Decide to reinstall Windows
4) Can't find disk
5) Borrowed a friends which was already copied from someone else for a short term fix
6) Reinstall fixes freezing problem and CD Burner that hasn't worked for 6 months
7) Can't install Service Pack 1 because Microsoft recognizes XP as pirated
8) Drive home to find XP cd, can only find Vaio restore CDs
9) Must format to load restore CDs
10) Spend most of the evening starting all over
But my computer is working. So far. We'll see what tomorrow brings....