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Stupid Americans
Sometimes, as I think I've blogged before, I am thouroughly embarrased to be an American. This is one of those times. "It’s clear that the exposure of Janet Jackson’s nipple during the Super Bowl halftime show offended millions of people. It’s clear that many of those people were angered and outraged." Terri Carlin, a 47-year-old bank employee from Knoxville, wants money from Viacomm, CBS, MTV, Janet Jacket, and Justin Timberlake for damages caused due to the Super Bowl "incident". The lawsuit could soon have 80 million plaintiffs. "The complaint alleges that by being exposed to the “sexually explicit conduct” viewers were caused to 'suffer outrage, anger, embarrassment and serious injury.'" Look, I was as shocked by this as the next person but come on people a nipple is not sexually explicit! Everyone has nipples! Most of us have two! Some more! Has this woman never looked at her own or anyone else bare chest ever? Some people are so lazy and stupid, trying to get other peoples money so they don't have their own, it makes me sick. Yes, the stunt was wrong because people weren't expecting to see it, but it was one bare breast for like two seconds. It's not the end of the world.