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A-Rod Schma-rod
I already put most of this on Abe's Blog, but I'll post it here, too. Since it was requested.

The Top Ten Reasons the A-Rod trade doesn't matter
10) This deal will add a ton to baseball's highest payroll which is paying mostly people who won't be around in 3 or 4 years and they have no farm system to back themselves up. They'll be out of money and talent. It has to happen sometime.
9) The Yanks have been defeated too many times. They've lost their intimidation factor. Other teams just aren't as scared of them as they were a few years back.
8) They won't be able to beat Houston or the Cubs if they make it to the series. Those teams are just too good.
7) A-Rod isn't a absolutly fantastic defensive shortstop and I (and the people I've talked to) think he'll have trouble at third. At least to start. He'll see a lot more hard hit balls and have a lot longer throw to first.
6) The AL East is too good. It will be hard to win a ton of games for anyone in that division.
5) The Yankees have no pitching. A weak bullpen, and three very questionable starters (Lieber and Brown due to injuries and Contrearas because he has no long-term experience).
4) The Yankees are old. Brown, Giambi, Lofton, Sheff, and Bernie Williams will all miss time due to injury, almost guarenteed.
3) Enrique Wilson is their projected 2nd baseman.
2) They gave up a 35 HR/35 steal guy to get him. A-Rod isn't that diverse. I'd give up 8 or 10 home runs for 20 steals any day. PS - The big knock on Soriano is strike outs, he only have four more than A-Rod last year. Their batting averages is comparable, too.
1) Boston is still all-around better and younger. As long as the blown A-Rod deal doesn't destroy their chemistry. Boston will finally get the East, New York will be the wild-card.