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Saw Passion last night. It was really an indescribable experience overall, but I'll try to explain some of it.
It's a great movie for Christians and non-believers, but also for just plain movie lovers. It's very intense and brutal, but graphically there nothing much worse than Saving Private Ryan or some other movies out there. It's just more intense in the fact that it brings to life something we (as Christians) have sugar coated for so long.
The cinematography is spectacular. Some of the best I've seen. It's would be great as a film alone. There are some great artistic things done, and the acting, even in Aramaic and Latin (there are subtitles) is really good. It also has the single best makeup job (Jesus during/after the flogging) I have ever seen.
I highly recommend this for Christians or non-Christians. I think everyone should see this in a theater, just to get a taste of what really happened, whether you believe it happened to the Son of God or not. This isn't a silly Christian thing. This is very real. It's not like other Christian movies out there. If you haven't seen it yet, I urge you to. It will be like nothing you've ever experienced before.