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Fighting Heart Attacks
I decided to post my two cents about Valentine's Day. Why? 1) I don't want to do homework. 2) I want to. So deal with it.
I'm sick and tired of people complaining about how stupid Valentine's Day is. It is not a Hallmark holiday. It's been around for a lot longer than Hallmark has. Sweetest Day is the Hallmark of equivelant, which I do no celebrate.
Now you may be thinking I don't have a right to stand up for Valentine's Day because I'm enganged and it's easy for me, because I have a designated Valentine.
I don't want to hear that either.
Before I was single, I had fun with Valentine's Day. Getting together with single friends and having a good time. It's just supposed to be fun. It's not about self-loathing, or making a point of the fact you are single. It's about taking a day to celebrate love. Love of friends, love of family, and yes, love of significant others.
It's about showing people they are special. Not about what people's current dating status is.
Make the best of things. Don't let them make the worst of you.
That is all.