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Ah, it's the traditional February Monday when everyone says, "Oh, the Pro Bowl was yesterday?" We even said at lunch yesterday that there wasn't any sports on to watch. Nobody remembered about it. The NFL needs to change something.
Speaking of football, just heard a funny joke on the radio.
A guy gets a free ticket from his company for the Super Bowl. He gets to the stadium and finds out his seat was way in the back. He looks around and sees an empty seat up in the 4th row on the fifty yard line so he decides to go check it out. He asks the guy in the next seat, "Is anyone sitting next to you?"
"No the seat's empty."
"Wow, I can't belive someone wouldn't use their seat at the Super Bowl! Why would it be open?"
"Well, actually it's my seat. Well, my wife's. She passed away, this is the first Super Bowl we haven't been to together."
"Oh, I'm terribly sorry. But couldn't you find someone to take the seat? A friend, a reletive or someone?"
"No... they're all at the funeral."