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25 Favorite Movies
I was bored, so I decided to make a list of 25 of my favorite movies that don't fit into the "normal" catagories (action, comedy, drama). Some catagories are more recognizable than others. A carrot, "^", means I don't own it.

Sports Movie - 61*
Christmas Movie - A Christmas Story
Satire - Spaceballs
Teaching Movie - Dangerous Minds^
Music Movie (serious) - Mr. Hollands Opus
Music Movie (comedy) - Almost Famous
Sci-Fi - The Matrix Trilogy
Guy Movie - Fight Club^
Chick Flick - Notting Hill
Mafia Movie - The Godfather Triology^
Political Movie - All the Presidents Men^
Musical - Moulin Rouge
80's Comedy - Ferris Bueller's Day Off
Recent Foreign Film - Chocolat^
Old Foreign Film - Jean de Florette^
Dance Movie - Center Stage
Gross-out Movie - There's Something About Mary
Work Movie - Office Space^
Relationship Movie - High Fidelity
Crime Movie - Ocean's Eleven
Car Movie - Gone in 60 Seconds^
Comic Book Related Movie - Batman Forever
Alien Movie - Independance Day
G Rated Movie - The Rookie
Disney Movie - Lilo and Stitch^