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I'm frustrated with the music world. Why? We can't download MP3's for free because it's illegal, but the alternative for free music is the radio. And these days, the radio sucks. The only station I can really get here on campus that I enjoy (besides the campus radio station which has good music, but also a lot of stuff I don't like so much) is the local KISSFM station which plays about 10 songs over and over with one different one in between. I'm not much for cliches but this is a fine place for the old rock and a hard place saying. I can't afford to buy MP3's, even at .99 a song. I can't afford CD's, but I don't want to buy them anyways because usually the one good song that's on the radio is the only good song on the CD (Outcast's Speakerboxx/The Love Below which I recently got from the library has exactly one good song per disk, they are both on the radio.) but listening to it on the radio kills it because it's overplayed too much. So I'm stuck to whatever cds are currently available at the Knox County Library and reluctantly flipping on KISFM every now and then. I'm just glad my one friend that's on there that I went to school with mixes things up and puts in a good variety. Unfortunatly, he's on in the evening when I'm usually not around to listen to it. Ok, venting over.