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Say no to homework
First best friend: Um, Angela Pocock
First car: 92 Ford Explorer. I miss it dearly
First date: Um... DHS football game in 8th grade?
First real job: Das Dutch Kitchen, dishwaster
First self purchased album: first CD was Boyz II Men - CooleyHighHarmony
First piercing/tattoo: Senior year, High school
First enemy: I'll go with... math
First big trip: Michigan
First play/musical/performance: The Night Before Christmas - Beach City Methodist Church... interesting story behind this one
First band you remember hearing in your house: nooo idea.

Last big car ride:
Last good cry: not sure
Last library book checked out: Pocket Idiot's Guide to Being a Groom
Last movie seen: Theater - Stuck on You, DVD - Ocean's Eleven
Last beverage drank: Milk to go with...
Last food consumed: A cookie
Last phone call: Lex, last night
Last tv show watched: ER, last night
Last time showered: about five hours ago
Last shoes worn: Adidias tennis shoes
Last cd played: Trans-Siberian Orchestra - Beethoven's Last Night
Last item bought: Four books from
Last soda drank: Dr. Pepper
Last ice cream eaten: Rocky Road
Last time wanting to die: Dunno
Last time scolded: Um... dunno
Last shirt worn: I'm currently sporting a blue AE tee
Last website visited: um... that would be as I type that, but I got this from Nate's Blog before I came here

A - Age: 21
B - Best Quality: Creativity
C - Choice Of Meat: Hamburger, but Turkey is a close second
D - Dream Date: I might say dinner, a concert, then back to watch a movie at home
E - Ex: haven't had one of those for over 4 years
F - Favorite Food: I'll go with pizza
G - Greatest Accomplishment: Not throwing this computer out the window as of yet
H - Happiest Day of Your Life: November 8, 2003, May 25, 2000, and January 3, 2003 are all up there on the list
J - Job title: Managing Editor of The Lakeholm Viewer
K - Kool-Aid: Blue is good
L - Love: Complicated, tough at time, but always worth it
M - Most Valued Thing I Own: I was actually thinking about this the other day, I really don't own anything I couldn't live without. So... I'll say my new OSU Framed picture I got for Christmas, cuz it's pretty cool.
O - Outfit You Love: hooded sweatshirt, jeans
P - Pizza Topping: pasta sauce and cheese, can't have pizza without 'em
Q - Question you want to ask: Is it time to watch football yet (checks clock) 15 minutes to go
R - Red is what: a color. my favorite. but seriously, there's no better R out there?
S - Sport To Watch: Football, preferably college
T - Television Show: Friends, but moving more towars Scrubs
U - Unique habit: Trying to do other things whilst brushing my teeth, such as put things away, close the toothpaste tube, type/send e-mail
V - Very bad habit: staying up too last
W - Winter: pretty tired of it. there's been too much cold, not enough snow
X - X-rays you've had: dental... some on my arm I think
Y - Year Born: 1982
Z - Zodiac Sign: Taurus the bull, try and act suprised.