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Long weekend.
Friday evening I ran some errands then went to dinner. A group of us were more than willing to put off our homework and such, so we stayed in the cafeteria talking for just under 2 hours and were the last ones to leave. After that, I headed down to the newspaper office and put in about three hours.
Yesterday was much better. I got up and was going to play basketball with the guys but both gyms were taken by the baseball team (I hate our schools lack of facilities). So I went back to my room and woke up some more. Later Alexis and I went down to Columbus. Stopped at Polaris to shop around The Great Indoors and see what we could get with the gift cards I got for Christmas, but didn't really see anything we could decide on (or afford) so we passed. Then it was down to Dublin to spend some of our Tumbleweed gift certificates. That is a great resteraunt. I'd only been there once before and it has been a couple years so I didn't remember how good it is. After splitting mexican egg rolls, I had ribs, deep-fried corn on the cob, and texas 'taters. Good... good good good. Quite unheathly, but good. Last we went to Easton, shopped around a bit and then saw Along Came Polly. I'm going to put my review of this in a seperate post, which you might have already read.
Today overall stunk. I spend eight hours working on the newspaper, then came back and had a quick dinner with Lex (Little Ceasar's pizza, yum. and she made some pretty good spagetti to go with it) then I came back and wrote a paper for my senior colloq class. Needless to say, I'm tired of looking at computers.