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Saw The Return of the King last night. It was ok. I'd even go so far as to say I liked it. Much, much more compared to the first two. But they still aren't even close to be in in my top 20 or maybe even 50 movies. If you like them, good for you. They're just not my kind of movie. But I am glad I saw the third one. It gave me a better appreciation for the first two. However, I don't see at all the connection to Christianity. I just can't see it. Most people in the Christian circles I hear justify LOTR as OK and Harry Potter as evil because LOTR has a Christian subplot. Well, I agree with the writer, Tolkien, who said thier isn't one. I tried plugging several characters into the Jesus role and none of them fit. At all. And yes, saving the good is somewhat Christian but that's very elementary. And if there is a Christian message, apparently the cast didn't get it. Elijah Wood was on Conan last night and his first story about about a drinking contest the "Hobbits" had that resulted in he (Wood) going into a New Zealand version of 7-11 and declaring his need for "Porn and Chocolate."

Gotta love the role models the US is pumping out these days.