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Non baseball fans, tune out for this one.

I've been down with this whole A-Rod for Manny thing since it started. A-Rod is in essence showing that money isn't worth losing which I think it good for baseball. I think it might (if John Hart takes advantage) help Texas get out of their rut, and it would give Boston a 99.9% chance to prove the curse right or wrong. (I don't believe in it other than a mental block.) It would also give the Dodgers a boost which they've needed for awhile. But NOW I'm reading that Nomar will go to the WHITE SOX for Magglio Ordonez??????? THAT SUCKS! I've always been a firm believer that Nomar is the second most overrated shortstop of all time (two large steps behind Jeter) but still, I don't want out Central Division rivals to have him for two reasons. One, it could stop the Tribe from going back to the top of the Central in 2005 as I have predicted. and Two, Boston will be freakin' unstoppable. That doesn't need to happen. Plus, according to ESPN, this will cause a huge domino effect of trades.

In an editorial in the Lakeholm Viewer, I commented that baseball should put everyone in a pool, eliminate about 4 teams (Colorado, Tampa, Sad Diego, and Brewers. Ones that have no World Series Wins) and redraft the entire league. Now it's partially actually happening.... weird.