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My Sports Christmas List
(This should be my last sports post for awhile. Should be.)

To the Browns: Draft Ben Roethlisberger. The QB Contraversy of Holcomb and Couch has ended. The result? Neither is qualified. Holcomb is a career backup, he just has to face that. Couch is just plain terrible. Yes, he has is moments, but he just does not make good decisions and he's been starting for long enough he should have shown some progress by now. After him, draft all O-lineman to grow and learn with Roeth. Also, sign a big name defensiveman to take charge.

To the Indians: Open up your wallet and sign a team leader. Omar is trying to get out (which I'm fine with, he's served his time.) Ellis Burks needs to retire. We need someone over the age of 30 to be a role model and ain't it. I was hoping when they pulled the offer to Todd Walker and said they had someone else they were offereing a contract to, it was Rich Aurillia. Not so much. Ronnie Belliard? Attention Tribe front office, look at the Yahoo! Sports biography on him. When it says he gets worse every year, yeah that's a bad thing. Sign an exciting offensive player (Aurillia, Jay Bell, Pokey Reese, Eric Young) to add a spark and leadership.

To the NHL: Have a lockout and dissapear like Bret Hull thinks you will. I've never liked you and I'm tired of you taking plays in the SportsCenter Top Ten for stupid goals that all look like luck to me.

To the NBA: Eh.... do whatever you want. I only watch a few games a year. So... keep up the ok work.

To the Buckeyes: Win this last game. Who knows what's going to happen next year. And let Clarett go, let him go be egotistical and annoying somewhere else.