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Exam Update

#1 Christian Beliefs, 8 am - From what he (the prof) had told me I expected a 90/10 split of lecture materials to things from our reading. It was the exact opposite. Or close to it anyways. Thirty questions, 5 were from the lectures. What a waste. Like we had time to get through and take notes on 400 pages in the last week. I'm just glad this class is over with. Definitely my most frustrating so far.

#2 Business Finance, 10 am - Went ok. Asked some stuff I wasn't ready for, but I got through. I don't think my grade could stray from a B to easily either direction, so I'm pretty comfortable with it.

#3 American Lit - 3 pm - Holy Cow... 50 matching, 30 multiple choice, 60 true and false, a page long essay and a two page essay.... that sucked. but at least it wasn't too hard.

That's all until Friday, bright and early at 8am for Management.