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Disclaimer: I only watch TV for three hours a week. From 8 pm to 11 pm on Thursday night. I really enjoy the line up and it's a nice break before Friday. So don't think I'm a complete TV freak after this post, because this is the only TV I really care about.

So I turned on The Morning Zoo this morning before my first exam to try and wake up a bit and heard a very bizarre piece of news. It turns out the show that will replace Friends in the 8 pm timeslot on Wednesdays next fall is "Joey," a Friends spinoff about Joey Tribbiani (played by Matt LeBlanc) moving to LA to pursue his acting career. WHAT?! The show will be directed by David Schwimmer. WHAT?! So the shallowest characters is going to have his own show. And one of the actors is no longer going to be an equal but DIRECTING one of the others. Then there's the fact that Friends writers and producers will have nothing to do with the new show. This is a recipe for disaster. I see 1) A very shallow plot and 2) a lot of power struggles. By the way, LeBlanc is taking like a 75% pay cut for this and none of the other Friends alum will even CAMEO because they won't make enough money. The Zoo reported that some of them have agreed to cameo over the PHONE. THE PHONE! Jeez.

If you ask me, Scrubs should move down into the 8 pm spot, for two reasons 1) it's the funniest comedy on TV right now, it's really improved. and 2) It will move it away from ER. I really like both shows, but not necessarily back to back as they have been since "Coupling" came and went.