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College Football alert, those not interested please move on.

Jason White, QB for the Oklahoma Sooners, is a jerk. Why? He's had the luckiest season of anyone in college football. He won the Heisman when he shouldn't have. (It should have went to Larry Fitzgerald.) He's in the National Championship game that the Sooners shouldn't be in. (USC is #1 for crying out loud.) But that's not enough. He gets the NCAA to grant him an extra year of eligibility and he's returning for a fifth year. Why does this make him a jerk? He's not happy with what he's been given, he's coming back when there are four underclassmen on that team that were expecting to get a chance to play next year. Now they have to sit yet again. There are two freshman and two sophomores quarterbacks on that team who deserve the right to get their chance with that offense (they'll only lose one offensive started now that White is staying) so a new quarterback could have had a chance to prove himself and possible make himself a career in the NFL. But now White has taken that away from whomever will get that chance.

I used to not care about the LSU vs. OSU Sugar Bowl, but now it's LSU all the way. Down with the crappy, self-involved Sooners.