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Well, life is interesting.

The last issue of the paper this semester is out and aside from a staff meeting, I'm free of that burden until January. That's good news. I enjoy doing it, but it's a lot of work and I needed a break from it. I let it stress me out way to easily.

The semester is winding down, only a few more major things to go. I'm looking forward to Christmas break, not only for the time off but Alexis and I will get to start concentrating on wedding stuff. It's really a struggle to balance the thought of that with school work. I'm not sure how some people balance actually being married with school work. More power to them.

As for this weekend, I'm really loking forward to it. Mainly because for the first time in few weeks, I have nothing to do. It's Homecoming weekend here, but Alexis has to work, so I thinking of skipping the dinner and pagaent tonight and enjoying an empty apartment, getting the little things I have to do done. I have some smaller homework things I could take care of, and I need to get some things done for my Germany trip that's coming up spring break.

Well, I think that catches everything up for now.

Have a great weekend everyone.