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College life is great. One of the amazing things is relationships. All of them as a whole, but especially those of the male/female sort. Especially seeing the variety in them. For instance, there is Alexis and I, we spent this evening browsing in stores, having dinner and talking about our future marraige. Then there's my roommate (Chris) who just started dating a girl a few days ago and is just starting all of the things that happen in the beginning of a relationship. Then there's those who aren't dating anyone at all, and that's cool too because you see how strong they are as an individual and you see a person being single and looking for that special someone. Then there are those who are dealing with long distance relationshps and making that work. There are just so many different stages college students (in particular) can be in. OK.... I'm rambling and not sure if I'm making sense. I'm going to step slowly down from the podium and go to bed.