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I'm going to Germany for spring break.

Why Germany? Well, I was going to go to Jamaica with SGA, but I'm not in that anymore (I'm not sure if I blogged that whole structural change, it was pretty odd) and don't really get along with most of them anyways. I wanted to do some type of mission trip, and weighing the other options decided to go to Frankfurt. I figured I don't want to go to Germany for any other reason, so I might as well go there for this. I have only been out of Ohio twice (Pittsburgh and Indiana) while in college and haven't really been on a vacation since our band/choir trip freshman year of high school, if you want to consider that a vacation. I've never been on an airplane, and never out of the country (execept Canada, which isn't a real country, he he) so I'm planning on some major culture shock and just an overall odd experience. Alexis is going, too so that should help. I'm looking forward to it. By the way, if you want to donate to my trip fun, let me know :-)