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Watched two movies tonight.

Phone Booth was a waste of time. I'm glad they only made it an hour and twenty minutes long. I couldn't handle much more. There was hardly any suspense. Watching a guy on the phone for over an hour really isn't that entertaining.

What is entertaining is horrible acting, terrible sound effects, goofy monsters, with some one-liners and slap-stick humor thown in. Oh, and it's got to come out of the 80's? Know what I'm talking about? Evil Dead II. They mention this movie in High Fidelity and we had it at work so I brought it home. It is GREAT! One of the best (in a cheesy and funny way) horror movie I've ever seen. I highly recommend it. Unfortunatly, they don't have the DVD of it cheap on I need to own this movie. It's too great not to.