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This whole "let's sue everyone that's every used a computer with an MP3 on it" thing is way out of control. These people need to realize several things:

1) College students, on the whole, can't afford to pay $17 for a CD. Especially when they only know one song on it.
2) People are more likely to buy a CD if they've heard more songs on it then just one or two singles on the radio. If I hear 5 or 6 songs and like the CD, I'll buy it. If not, then I'm not buying it no matter what. If I can't download them, I'll listen to the one or two single on the radio.
3) They're just ticking people off at themselves and there will (or at least, there should be) a boycott of buying CDs. People need to stop buying them all together and listen to the radio for awhile.
4) With Satellite radio is coming over the horizen, that will make less people buy CDs.
5) People who have been downloading and burning CD's the last 5 or 6 years know it only take a few dollars to do. Not $15-20 like stores charge. They need to drop their prices way down.

Well, that's all for now. I need to go to work.