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I was getting ready for work and turned on the radio at 9:15. The first thing I hear is "If you want to go to the Rolling Rock Town Fair, you're going! Just get to the Massillon BW3s by 9:30!"

I wanted to go to the Rolling Rock Town Fair, I've always enjoyed Blink 182, Puddle of Mudd is entertaining (at least through a radio), and who doesn't want to see Def Leopard? But here are the problems:
1) Although I can make it from my house to the Massillon BW3s in fifteen minutes, it would take my dad's mustang and some non-legal speeds to make it.
2) I didn't know if they were just giving away tickets (I didn't realize it was actually taking place today) or what
3) I have to work at 10
4) I would have no one to go with, none of my friends share that particular taste of music with me.

So, I will forget about the Town Fair which I could have attended for free and go to work, come home and do some laundry, then go play some volleyball tonight.

Yeah, that's almost the same as a free concert in Pittsburgh...