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Ok, so in the last week, since when my grandpa started getting really bad, I haven't slept well, or slept long because there's been phone calls or I had to be somewhere or whatever. I had to get up this morning to go to the mall (see previous post) and pay for my Jeep repairs (which I ended up not being able to do). I wanted to get a good nights sleep so I went to bed at 11 last night. At 12:30 my cell phone started ringing. I didn't process what it was until it was too late, and when I looked at the number on the missed call list, I didn't recognize it. I decided to put it into Yahoo and I was sent to this site. If it's still accurate, I was apparently called by Dinos Drive Thru (330-263-4963) in Wooster. I think they just MAYBE had the wrong number. Maybe they'd been sampling too many of their products or something. I'm really glad I didn't answer the phone.