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Tom posted about baseball. I commented and decided to transfer it over here.

1) I like the DH. I'd hate to see a great hitter like Eddie Murray, Edgar Martinez, or Ellis Burks sent into early retirement because they can no longer play the field every day. Hitting is a big part of baseball and it should be recoginized. I would much rather see Edgar step up to the plate then Jeff Nelson or some other M's pitcher. I was at the Tribe/Reds game a few years back when Burba smashed one to deep left, but that's about as good as I've seen a pitcher bat. Seeing the Big Unit taking a swing is damaging to the eye. Having that crappy #9 spot on every NL team is not a good thing. Also, I think the NL would be better off if Bonds and Sammy could start playing DH in a few years. They might end up going American just so they can extend their careers, leaving the teams they made history with. It is an issue that will never be resolved.

2) I like fighting in baseball. As much as I love the sport, it can get boring. This ads a little spice every now and then. The Farnsworth plant might have been the best thing I've seen this season. I'm not saying they should be throwing down every game, but it's nice to have every now and then.

3) I think the thing that needs done the most is the banishment of the Questec system. It's crappy and it's ruining the game. Keep technology out. Especially when it doesn't work that well.

4) Number two on my things to change list would be un-expansion. I would get rid of the D-Rays, Rockies, and Padres. Why these three? They really don't have a history. They haven't won a World Series (at least not to my knowledge) and they haven't really had any great, great players (minus Tony Gwyn).

5) I'm ticked at the Tribe for trading Karim Garcia and a pitcher to the Yankees for a player to be named. I hate it when teams help out the Yankees, and now it's my favorite team that is guilty. I liked Garcia (although I know they dont' have room for him) I say they should have traded Matt Lawton. Yes, they would have had to eat his salary, but sometimes you need to pay for your mistakes. Gerut, Bradley and Garcia would have been a great outfield, and linup, for the future.
1) Milton Bradley (CF)
2) Brandon Phillips (SS)
3) Karim Garcia (RF)
4) Travis Haefner (DH)
5) Casey Blake (3B)
6) Victor Martienez (C)
7) Ben Broussard (1B)
8) John McDonald (2B)
9) Jody Gerut (LF)
That lineup is actually pretty good looking (in 2 or 3 years) now they need a new right fielder -possibly Coco Crisp?- and probably a better second baseman.
You know, the tribe is only 10 games back. If their lineup gets hot, they could have a chance yet this year.