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Just a few random notes from today:

**I am so incredibly sick of 50 Cent. I never liked him in the first place, but now he's freakin' everywhere. He has like 17 singles on the radio, all the music channels on TV, I heard he's making a movie. GO AWAY! You are NOT TALENTED! Did anyone see his perfomance at the MTV Movie Awards? The man has ZERO rhythm. Yes, he can rap, but he can't move his body to the same beat as the beat. Why is charisma so rewarded in this country? He doesn't even have that much of it. Hopefully he's like Sisqo a few years ago and goes away at summers end. Of course, "The Dragon" only had one hit. So it wasn't quite as annoying.

** What in the name of the Cheeseburgler is McDonald's trying to accomplish with a marketing campaign of "It's bizarre, but not that bizarre" for their new breakfast griddle things?! That's is the worst tag line I have EVER heard! Why would you call your product, ESPECIALLY when it's FOOD, BIZARRE! UGH! Not that I like McDonalds or care if they sell anything, but c'mon people! Your company lost money for the first time EVER last year and you come back with bizarre?! Somebody in that company needs fired.

** It looks like I finally might get to go somewhere for Spring Break and I finally might set food on an airplane (not counting the time I went on a small plane at Beach City Airport when I was like five). I got word that a student government mission trip to Jamaica is being planned. We would be taking down computers, setting them up, and showing them how to use them. It sounds like it could be fun, and I'd be in Jamaica. Not Ohio. Little big of a difference there.

** I've decided I'm going to teach myself how to set up a blog template. Hopefully to be done by the end of summer. Why so long? One: I'm teaching myself how to do it, and Two: I have big plans for it.