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That was a great Friday night. We had a lot of fun at Jr/Sr. which is good, because I really wasn't looking forward to it a whole lot. Alexis looked incredible, I got to spend quality time with some of my closest friends, the food was pretty good, the ballroom was very nice, and the "entertainment" wasn't too horrible.The only thing it was missing was dancing. I'll probably put some pictures up once they get developed.

Afterwards we went and saw The Matrix:Reloaded at Easton, which has the best movie theaters I've been in. That is an awesome movie. The action scenese are amazing, absolutly amazing. There is a little more comedy than the first (mostly one-line things), and the plot continued to be good. There were three downfalls: 1) An incredibly weird dancing/orgy/sex scene thing that really made no sense and wasn't necessary (it looked like what an Abercrombie TV ad would be like), 2) The cliffhanger ending, and 3) We heard the trailor for The Matrix: Revolution was after the credits. We stayed for like 10 minutes and the trailor was about 2 minutes. Definitely not worth it. But over all I really enjoyed it and hope to go see it again soon. You MUST see this movie in the theater. It's just too good to just watch on video. Now I just have to wait until November to see the conclusion...