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MY BIG PAPER IS DONE! and at a normal time, too.

Of course, I don't think it's really what he was looking for, but let's hope it is. Next big thing is tomorrow night and that's to go to Junior/Senior Banquet at the Hyatt in Columbus followed by going to see The Matrix: Reloaded at Easton, both of which I am very pumped about.

Saturday I'm packing most of my stuff to send home on Sunday when my parents come down.

Next week is finals, whoopee. I'm more worried about the stuff I have to do for the newspaper than finals. My grades are all pretty much determined already and I don't test well so I'm not gong to stress too much over them.

I have a possible job/intership opportunity at Traymore Marketing in Twinsburg, I'm really hoping that works out.

Ok, there's what's going on in my life.