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It's May.... ho boy.... here's what May means....

May 1 - Meeting with video guy for our one shot to get our commercials done for our ad campaign. It's all or nothing.
May 3 - Help with Sonfest
May 5 - "Meet your SGA" night, scooping ice cream during dinner
May 7 - Two page paper due
May 9 - Ad campaign due. This includes the aforementioned commercials, several print ads I still have to finish, and a 20-30 page paper that has barely been started
May 12 - Put together the last issue of the newspaper for the year. This one's all me as incoming editor.
May 14 - Five to 7 page Accounting research paper due
May 16 - Ten page literature paper due for the hardest lit. prof on campus
May 19-22 - Finals
May 23 - Five hour SGA meeting

Wow, now that I look at it, I have something due or to do almost every other day. Kind of weird. Ok. so you take these items, add in my other job, accounting homework due every monday, wednesday and friday, making all the plans and preperations for the newspaper next year, and the fact I have to find a job for the summer... what do you get? One FUN month for Ross. I really wish you could do sarcasm online... somebody has to find a way. At this point in time, the only things I have to look forward to are the Tribe game Friday night (which might get stormed out) and Junior/Senior Banquet on May 16. The newspaper stuff might be fun if I didn't have so much else to do with it.