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Got bored last night and went to the Ford dealership in town, I wanted to see what that $5 a day lease was all about. Turns out it's on base Rangers with no A/C, no carpet, basically just seats on wheels with a stick in the middle. I test drove a Ranger XLT and I really like the Ranger Edge and I found out the XLT (and maybe the edge, too) lease for only $219 a month for four years which is around what I decided I could afford when I was punching numbers for the Dakota. But after thinking about it and talking with my parents, I think I'm going to pass. I found out my Jeep doesn't have collison insurance, just the base stuff and it's a '95 so to go from that to a brand new truck would make my insurance sky rocket. Plus my parents won't let me sell the Jeep, they want to keep it, so I can't get any money from that. So I'm not sure what I'll do. I don't want another used car (unless it's really, really nice). So I guess I'll probably wait until after I graduate and hope the Jeep doesn't die in the process.