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After a month or so of being sick and feeling cruddy, today made up for all of it. Even though it started out rather hectic, I ended up having a great birthday. Alexis sent me on a treasure hunt for my present, then we went to Jake's for supper, went shopping around Mt. Vernon (where I picked up the 1966 Batman Movie Special Edition DVD from the Walmart Bargin Bin), and then went to Bob Evans for Oreo Cake and ice cream. Then we came back and had a good laugh at the Whacks, Bams, Splooshes, and Bat Shark Repelant of The Batman Movie. I was kind of disappointed my get together with friends didn't work out, but that will happen Saturday. On the other hand I'm kind of glad it did get postponed because tonight was great as it was and I still have something to look forward to.