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Abe had this up and I was bored. So I figured, why not?

I see: A computer screen with an increasing amount of words on it as I type
I need: umm... I dunno
I find: ok, maybe this was a bad idea
I want: this semester to be over
I have: pants on
I wish: i don't wish, I guess I say I do. but I don't really
I love: Alexis
I hate: Accounting
I miss: semesters without accounting
I fear: bears
I feel: tired
I hear: computers humming
I smell: with my nose
I crave: chocolate sounds good
I search: with Google
I wonder: wonder who badooby who, who wrote the book of love
I regret: some impulse buys

When was the last time you..
Smiled?: whilst shooting the our advertising commercial this afternoon
Laughed?: hard? after lunch today
Cried?: last night. I had a really bad day yesterday
Bought something?: We got dariette on monday, does that count?
Danced?: dunno
Were sarcastic?: when wasn't I sarcastic? (get it)
Kissed someone?: this afternoon sometime
Talked to an ex?: umm.... I haven't had an "ex" for a long time, so a long time ago
Watched your favorite movie?: I'm not sure what I would consider my favorite movie right now
Had a nightmare?: awhile

What was the ...
Last book you read?: I'm in the middle of The Firm right now. Don't know if I'll finish it
Last movie you saw?: The Firm
Last thing you had to drink?: chocolate milk
Last time you showered?: this morning, around 8:30
Last thing you ate?: Turkey sandwich, piece of pizza, salad, and choc. chip cookies for lunch

Do you..
Smoke?: nope
Do drugs?: advil, that's about it
Have sex?: nope
Sleep with stuffed animals?: no
Live in the moment?: I like to, but most of my friends don't, so most of the time I can't really
Have a boyfriend/girlfriend?: yes
Have a dream that keeps coming back?: not really
Play an instrument?: kinda/sorta three of them
Remember your first love?: yes
Still love him/her?: yes
Read the newspaper?: sometimes
Have any gay or lesbian friends?: well... he was a friend in high school, but haven't talked to him since, and I didn't know he was gay then... not that I hold it against him... I'm not really sure how to answer this question
Believe in miracles?: miracles of God
Believe its possible to remain faithful forever?: yes
Consider yourself tolerant of others?: I try my best
Consider love a mistake?: no
Like the taste of alcohol?: no, although I've only tasted a sip of champagne about 3 years ago. I've never had a desire to try anything else
Have a favorite candy?: probably M&M's
Believe in astrology?:no
Believe in magic?:no
Believe in God?: yes
Pray?: yes
Go to church?: yes
Have any secrets?: doesn't everyone?
Have any pets?: 3 at home, 1 at school
Go to or plan to go to college?: Go
Talk to strangers who instant message you?: rarely
Wear hats?: sometimes
Have any piercings?: not any more
Have any tattoos?: not any ever
Hate yourself?: no
Have an obsession?: not really
Collect anything?: not in particular
Have a best friend?: yes
Wish on stars?: no
Like your handwriting?: no
Have any bad habits?: doesn't everyone?
Care about looks?: I don't know
Believe in witches?: no
Believe in ghosts?: not really