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Giving Saddam and his sons 48 hours to leave Iraq or face military action.... that's like telling a group of 8 year olds that they have two hours to clean their room or they have to eat a bunch of candy.

I'm 100% against any war to begin with. But even if I wasn't, I regonize this is just stupid. Over in the Middle East there's some intelligent people with some big weapons waiting for an excuse an excuse to bomb, poison, shoot, and beat the crap out of us free people. Guess what? We just gave them that excuse. The only "good" thing that could come out of this is it gets them to strike first giving other countries a reason to join our side. Other than that, I just don't get it.

I found it interesting that Bush said that the terrorists could kill thousands or hundred-of-thousands of innocent people here in the US. What right does that give our military to kill their innocent people just-in-case?

This is going to end up as another Vietnam. Neither the people of our country or England are really for it, and don't really support it. So it will be a bunch of soldiers sent over against their will and not really doing anything because they don't want to be there. All while the President of the US is trying to kill what he sees as his biggest threat. I thought history, if taught, isn't supposed to repeat itself? I see the same protests, the same death tolls, and the same failed mission on the way.