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Went on road trip #2 of the year today.

Alexis and I took off down 71 and spent the afternoon and evening in the Cincinnati/Kentucky area.
After finding out Dick Clark's American Bandstand was closed down, (I was quite disappointed), we decided to eat at Max and Erma's. Always a good choice. After that, we headed into Cincy and drove around down around the river on both sides trying to fand a place to stop along the river. We ended up at some bicentennial park thing they are building that has a nice river walk. After that we went over to Newport, Kentucky. We went to the aquarium, which was very cool, and to some of the stores around there. Then we headed back up north before the major rush hour traffic hit, stopped at the outlets in jeffersonville but they were closing in a like 15 minutes, so we went up to Columbus for dinner. We were again disappointed when we found out Dave and Buster's has a 21 and over rule, which I find really dumb since 21 is just an age to me, I don't plan on drinking before or after it, and had an ok, but not-too-great meal at Chili's. But all in all it was a very fun day. Tomorrow is all relaxation and then Wednesday classes start again. I am not looking forward to that after today.

Looking back over this, it sounds like a 5th graders "What I did over summer vacation" essay. Oh well, I'm on an official acedemic break.