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If I was a potty mouth, this afternoon would cause a double flusher.

Ok so here's the story. I sold a Playstation 2 game on so I took it to the post office. I get in there and they have no envelopes the size I need. It's the freakin' post office and they couldn't help me mail something (unless I wanted to ship my Max Payne, first-person, shoot-em-up game in floral envelope that cost 1.50). So I go back out to my Jeep and there's a pink envelope in the window. Aparently a Jeep is classified as a "multi-purpose vehicle" and there was a sign that said no trucks, vans or multipurpose vehicles. So the City of Mount Vernon made five bucks on my ignorance. I called the police station to try and talk them out of it but the lady changed the subject and started telling my where my vehicle was made and stuff. So then I went to Walmart to get an envelope. I buy one, get back to the post office, park down a ways where there is no sign and low and behold here comes the meter man. I was filling out my envelope when I saw him and I knew the meter read expired. I didn't want to argue another ticket so I decided to fill the envelope out in the P.O., got out, put a dime in the meter and went into the PO. I come back out, feel my pocket and that's right, I had locked my keys in the Jeep. I called Alexis who has a key to it, but she was already at work, so I had to break into my own car on Main Street, Mount Vernon. Luckily Jeeps aren't that hard to break into.

What's the moral of the story? I don't know. But I know one thing. With 1)The envelope 2)The ticket 3)The locking, it is proven once again that bad things happen in three.